Pauline Cafferkey to give evidence over Ebola temperature case


Long for Cafferkey was with Dr Hannah Ryan and another nurse, Donna Wood, resurfacing from Sierra Leone in December 2014 after volunteering to succour fight the deadly outbreak of the virus in west Africa.

They were hither to be screened for the virus at Heathrow Airport by medics from Public Robustness England (PHE) when Dr Ryan took Ms Cafferkey’s temperature, the Medical Practitioners Bench Service heard on Monday.

It gave a reading of 38.2C — above the 37.5C door-sill as a warning sign for Ebola.

Dr Ryan was in «disbelief, fear and panic» at the found reading and instead of alerting PHE medics, a lower temperature of 37.2 was dataed, and Miss Cafferkey was eventually allowed to catch her connecting flight to Glasgow to go retreat.

She fell seriously ill the next day and tested positive for the Ebola virus, but survived.

Dr Ryan has brooked misleading others and «acquiesced» in the wrong temperature being given, but disclaims misconduct by her actions at the airport and during a subsequent investigation by PHE.

Miss Cafferkey resolution give evidence to the tribunal sitting in Manchester.

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