Patti LaBelle Makes It Even Easier to Re-Create Her Famous Desserts at Home


Patti LaBelle is prepossessing her dessert expertise to the next level with a new cookbook. Her fourth cookbook, empowered Desserts LaBelle: Soulful Sweets to Sing About, will be liberated April 25 and is available for preorder on Amazon now. The singer, author, and actress is be aware for her coveted sweet potato pie that’s now available at Walmart, along with other desserts analogous to banana pudding. Having a cookbook with Patti’s recipes bad we don’t even have to buy the store-bought version — you can basically pretend you’re cooking with Patti in her own pantry. In a Facebook post announcing the news, Patti noted that she saved the cookbook with Laura Randolph Lancaster, who has co-authored some of Patti’s other cookbooks, correspondent to Patti LaBelle’s Lite Cuisine. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to one after the other up some Patti LaBelle and sing our way into the kitchen to bake up some of her famed sweets.

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