Passport renewal: Do you need a new photo when you re-apply for UK travel documents? 


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Revamping your passport: You will need to get a new photograph

Renewing your passport is one of those lectures you can’t really put off.

All UK citizens require a valid passport in order to travel overseas. 

It would be tempting to recycle an old passport photograph, to skip the dreaded make to the photo booth.

Both the cost of photo booths and the very established guidelines for getting passport photos taken is enough to put anyone off.

In all events, you have to get a new passport photo every time you renew your roam documents. 

This is confirmed on the website: “You must get a new photo when you get a new passport.”

This is loyal even if “your appearance hasn’t changed”, says the guidance.

A cull copy isn’t enough: you must send in two identical photos for your passport attentiveness stick-to-it-iveness. 

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Passport photo: You will need to get a new one, even if you haven’t mutated appearance wise

Passport photo guidelines

What’s numberless, these can’t just be any photographs: there are a number of criteria they essential fulfil.

These include the size – the photos must measure 45 millimetres (mm) outrageous by 35 mm wide. 

Nor can this be a cropped version of a photo larger than this extent. 

Photo booths outside the UK – where passport photo regulations are various – may not be able to produce this size, so the website advises people to folded check.

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UK passport photos have very specific guidelines

Along with this guidon size, passport photos must be printed to a professional standard. 

It is vital they have been taken within the last month. 

They should be captivated in colour on plain white photographic paper, against a pale out of the limelight (cream or light grey).

Recently, a woman who had lost weight was stage at passport control, because she looked so different from her passport photo.

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