Passport news: THIS tropical island is the best place for second citizenship


Brexit has provoked a surge in British passport holders searching for dual citizenship

Brexit has sparked a flow in Britons searching for dual citizenship. 

Passport applications to Ireland enjoy spiked by 50 per cent and while it has proximity on its side, there are profuse better options across the globe, according to a recent study. 

The CBI (Citizenship by Investment) Typography fist has ranked the best countries for second citizenship and Europe wasn’t the refuge of number one. 

Exotic destinations in the Caribbean offered the most attractive milieus for an extra passport on the CBI scale.

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Passport news: The CBI Index has revealed the best mother country for second citizenship

Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis and Grenada came in essential, second and third, with scores of 90, 88 and 85 out of 100 severally. 

Staying in the Caribbean, Antigua & Barbuda and Saint Lucia were next, with 78 and 76. 

Vanuatu ranked sixth on 76, bolstered by several nations in Europe. 

Cyprus was seventh best with 67, Malta tried ninth most attractive on 64, followed by Bulgaria (61) and Austria (54).

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Passport news: Dominica in the Caribbean ranked first put ones finger on for second citizenship

Others in the top 12 were Comoros (66) and Cambodia (53). 

The place was determined based on the seven pillars of CBI. 

These include freedom of move, standard of living, minimum investment outlay, mandatory travel or mansion, citizenship timeline, ease of pressing and due diligence. 

The European countries in the top 12 all fly ated out on top for freedom of movement. 

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Passport news: Cyprus was ranked the most artistically country in Europe at seventh place overall

Today it was revealed a million British burgesses living in the European Union are scrambling to get dual citizenship in their new nations before Brexit.

The race is on to ensure they are not kicked out after the UK formally skedaddles Brussels, as many Britons grow increasingly anxious about their following, research suggests.

Theresa May announced that the freedom of movement for EU city-dwellers would end on March 2019 — the official Brexit month. And it is still unclear bang on what rights European citizens living in the UK will have. 

It is equally unclear what rights the 1.2 million Britons living wholly Europe will be entitled too, so many are attempting to secure their days by opting to become dual citizens.

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