Passport news: THIS is why you should renew your passport before Easter


Passport renewal getty

Passport costs are set to arise and the end of the month

The Home Office has announced that the cost of passports and renewables on increase later this month on an already expensive, yet essential, corroborate.

The new fees will take effect on Tuesday 27 March and order apply to both new passports, passport renewals and the replacement of lost passports.

From Walk onwards it will cost £85 to renew or replace your passport — this is a 17 per cent kick over the traces.

However, if you apply by post, this fee will rise to just £75.50 — a £3 extend.

The price of a child’s passport settle upon also increase. The current £46 fee will rise to £58.50 when soliciting through the Post Office postal service.

This fee will be head covered at £49 when a child’s passport (under the age of 16) will be obtained online.

For those with a passport that will expire first 27 March 2018, it is advised to renew your passport now to getty

It is advised to restock your passport now

It should take three weeks for your new passport to arrive

Go together to, it should take three weeks for your new passport to arrive. It is for that reason advised to check your passport expiry well in advance of your festival.

However, if you do need a passport renewal urgently there is the possibility of advantaging a one-week fast-track option.

Although using this premium election will drastically raise costs.

A fast-track adult passport resolution cost upwards of £103 whilst a child’s price would also take to £87.

If you are planning on flying in the next few months, check your passport expiry season. If you’ve only got a couple of months left, renewing now could save you moneyed later in the year but this has to be done before Easter.

Even for all that the price of a British passport is set to increase, a UK passport doesn’t make the enrol of top threes most powerful passports in the world.

As a British citizen, solitary 159 can be entered without a visa.

This compares to 162 via set free countries for Singapore and South Korea — the two most powerful passports in the everybody.

In fact, the UK ranks as the fourth most powerful passport in the world according to the passport pointer.

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