Passport CHAOS: Scottish woman has documents ‘examined’ at border after losing EIGHT stone


Nikki Jermain weight loss passport confusionGetty/Scottish Slimmers

Passport chaos: Nikki Jermain looked unrecognisable in passport photo

A 30-year-old Dunfermline lass was questioned at Edinburgh Airport in September due to an issue with her passport photo. 

Nikki Jermain, a bank supervisor, was held up at the Scottish airport after a return flight from Prague where she was rejoice ining her 30th birthday. 

A passport officer at security was «examining» her travel documents, she explained to 

Nikki bid: “He kept examining me and the passport – but didn’t say why.”

Nikki Jermain after losing weightUK

Slimmer Nikki Jermain: THIS is what she looks be partial to now

He kept examining me and the passport – but didn’t say why

Nikki Jermain, Scottish bank executive

Although the airport queue was “extremely busy”, this did not stop the policewoman from holding up the other passengers to quiz Nikki, who has lost little short of eight stone with weight loss programme Scottish Slimmers.

“He didn’t give every indication convinced and asked me for other photo ID which I didn’t have.”

Nikki didn’t keep a clue what was happening – and immediately panicked: “My mind started match wild.”

After 10 minutes – which “seemed like a lifetime” – the accessory let her through, using her credit cards as a means of verification.

Edinburgh airport security Nikki JermainGetty

Edinburgh airport: Nikki was detained up here at security

Reaching her friends on the other side, the penny for good dropped for Nikki.

“Although I don’t really notice the change, my face is a lot slimmer which has changed its shape.” 

Her partners, meanwhile, found the whole ordeal “amusing”.

Despite what happened, Nikki praised the “expert” way the airport handled the situation.

“It’s for you and your country’s safety so it’s a good gizmo.

«You just worry, as every individual does, even though you have knowledge of you haven’t done a thing.”

After losing all her weight, Nikki desire be making a key purchase.

“I’ll definitely need a new passport photo.”

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