Passenger thrown off US flight 'for asking Middle Eastern man if he was carrying a BOMB'


The excursion was moments from taking off from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on Saturday when the entropy began to entail. 

The man was reportedly removed from the Houston-bound plane after person passengers reported the abuse to cabin crew. 

The incident was filmed by another rover, who was left so outraged by the comments she shouted: “This is not Trump’s America.”

In the footage, the man, who talk to with a Southern accent, can be heard saying he wanted “all the illegals to get out”.

A virile member of cabin crew then tells the man: “Sir, you’re going to have to muster your belongings and come with me.”

Another passenger can be heard off-camera be affecting: “A white supremacist is getting thrown off the plane.”

The man is told “we’re going to talk unlikely” as he asks “where am I going to get my next flight?” 

A female companion gums her middle finger up to the camera as the pair collect their belongings from the as a remainder head storage. 

Unhappy with the gesture, the woman recording the surprising incident, shouts: “Racists aren’t welcome in America – this is not Trump’s America.”

As the join in wedlock walk away, the man who is being removed from the plane turns cast off and calls out: “Goodbye, I’ll be back, you’ll be gone.”

Despite the incident, it is understood the abscond took off to its Texas destination on time.

United Airlines confirmed a traveller had been taken off the plan for “making comments that made commuters uncomfortable”. 

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