Parsons Green tube explosion: Bomb blast in London leaves 29 injured in terror attack


The mushrooming devastated the District line train, bound for central London, which had upstanding stopped at Parsons Green station in west London at just gone 8am.

Exigency services including police, fire and ambulance raced to the scene after the devised explosive device detonated in a carriage.

Witnesses said they saw a milky «builder’s bucket» in a supermarket bag, and pictures online appeared to show wires jut out from it on the floor of a carriage. Reports suggested the device had a timer.

Propers said 29 people had been hospitalised in the explosion, which police are favour as a terror attack, and witnesses described scenes of terror and panic as the detonation fully sent a «fireball» and a «wall of flame» through the carriage.

At least one toddler was hurt after a photo emerged of a schoolgirl with burned run-downs. 

Almost half of the injured were hurt in a stampede following the outburst. The rest suffered burns when the homemade device exploded. 

Parsons Green explosionREUTERS / PA / Peeping / SYLVAIN PENNIC

An explosion in Parsons Green tube station has leftist several injured — the object on the left erupted

One witness, Richard Aylmer-Hall said: «I was blissfully deliver assign to my paper and listening to a podcast and suddenly the whole world charged over me down the platform, down the Tube.

«There was panic, lots of people holler, screaming, lots of screaming.

«There was a woman on the platform who said she had catch sight ofed a bag, a flash and a bang, so obviously something had gone off.

«It was an absolutely packed, rush-hour Locality Line train from Wimbledon to Edgware Road.

«I saw crying the missises, there was lots of shouting and screaming, there was a bit of a crush on the stairs contemporary down to the streets.

«Some people got press oned over and trampled on, I saw two women being treated by ambulance crews.

«Since then, every crisis vehicle in London has gone past me, fire engines, ambulances, every strain of police vehicle.

«I don’t think anyone was hurt by the actual device or whatever it was.»

Another fare said: “I heard a really loud explosion — when I looked past due there appeared to be a bag but I don’t know if it’s associated with it.

«I saw people with small injuries, burnings to the face, arms, legs, multiple casualties in that way.

«People were portion each other.»

Ryan Barnett was caught up in the crush in the stairwell of the Tube locate. He heard of victims with burn injuries and reported seeing some commuters prepossessing selfies on the platform.

Parsons Green attackTwitter/gacv80

Parsons Green attack: A maidservant is treated following the Tube train explosion

Mr Barnett said: “I was hold there, headphones in, at Parsons Green, the doors open fine, I’m not extremely paying attention and all of a sudden hundreds of people run past me screaming a interweaving of ‘stampede’, ‘attack’, ‘terrorist’, ‘explosion’, ‘get off the exercise’, ‘everyone run’.

“Parsons Green station has a staircase at the front of the demeanour where the train pulls up — I’m running and keeping my head down because there muscle be gunfire and on to the staircase.

«But when I was on the staircase, the stewards and other passengers, they are howl ‘stop, stop, stop’, so I ended up squashed on the staircase, people were naught over, people fainting, crying, there were little kids clinging on to the traitorously of me.

«It is absolute chaos, it was quite scary because at one stage we thought we capacity be trapped there — I heard a pregnant woman lost her shoes and had be a patsy for cave in over.»

A third witness said she saw “blood on the floor” and “people continual down the stairs screaming ‘get out’”.

Following the terrifying attack, Prime Help Theresa May chaired a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergencies committee this afternoon at Downing Avenue. 

And she condemned the «cowardly» attack after hosting a Cobra meeting to review the UK’s next steps, saying it involved a device «clearly intended to motivate significant harm».

There was a woman on the platform who said she had seen a bag, a indication and a bang, so obviously something had gone off.

Witness Richard Aylmer-Hall

The Prime Charg daffaires said the terror threat level would remain at severe — message an attack is highly likely — but would be kept under review as the scrutiny progresses.

She added there would be an increased armed police phlegm on the transport network in London, saying: «The police and the security services are certainly doing all the work to discover the full circumstances of this cowardly waste.”

But she also hit out at Donald Trump, after he lashed out at Scotland Yard in the wake of the eat and described the bomber as a “loser”. 

He said: “Another attack in London by a born loser terrorist.These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!

“Schnook terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner.The internet is their paramount recruitment tool which we must cut off & use better!”

Parsons Green explosionSKY

Parsons Green blast: Passengers being evacuated from the train following the blast

Mrs May spoke: «I never think it’s helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing inquisition.”

In response to the US president’s remarks, London police said «any speculation is unhelpful». asked whether authorities knew the identity of the assailant prior to the assault but Met Police confirmed they had no idea who the suspect was at that point. 

Supervise have since identified a man believed to be the bomber after looking from stem to stern CCTV footage but they have not yet released any further information alongside the bomber.

The attacker is still at large but police have launched a grave manhunt to bring the bomber to justice.

Local MP Greg Hands denoted: “[If] the perpetrator is still at large… capturing the perpetrator and attending to those hurt must be the priority.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: «I’m in conjunction with @metpoliceuk and emergency services about the incident at Parsons Fresh. Follow @metpoliceuk for updates & advice.”

London Terror AttackPA

London terror attack: An offended woman being helped from the scene

He later said: “Our bishopric utterly condemns the hideous individuals who attempt to use terror to harm us and disprove our way of life.

“As London has proven again and again, we will never be terrorized or defeated by terrorism.»

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also hustled people to «keep calm» and listen to officials.

Irish foreign padre Simon Coveney was one of the first foreign officials to publicly comment on the abuse. 

He tweeted: “Thoughts and sympathy with London again this morning after dread attack on Underground -a number of injuries, no Irish reported as injured.”

The EU’s Brexit intercessor Guy Verhofstadt tweeted: “Solidarity with the people of #London & thoughts with those impaired. Let’s work together to defeat those who seek to terrorise us.”

Parsons Green explosionREUTERS

Parsons Grassy explosion: A white bucket in a Lidl bag exploded on a Tube train this morning

It is now credence ined the bomb was being operated by timer. It is unknown whether the attacker was with the weapon when it exploded. 

Experts now believe the device malfunctioned and only the smaller detonator ignited and not the energy charge.

Shocked commuters took to Twitter to describe the scene. 

One ordered: «What the f**k is happening at Parsons Green — never been so scared — can we get an statement???»

Another said: “Horror on District Line at Parsons Green due to crash / fire on train.

“People struggling to get out of the station.”

A third said: “What’s circumstance at Parsons Green, panic on the platform reports of fire or explosion in a bag. No reports.”

Parsons Green explosionREUTERS

Parsons Green explosion: Two women crying near the altercation of this morning’s incident

Aaron Butterfield, a production manager, said he saw people «be overrun over one another» in panic as they tried to get out of the station.

He said the heat told him a second device had been found and a man had been seen with a blade.

Mr Butterfield had been caught up in the panic as he tried to enter the station on his way to livelihood.

He said: «People weren’t even running, they were letter for letter crawling over one another and just fleeing I guess.

«We were told [by supervise] there had been an explosion on a District Line train and someone was match around with a knife.

«Then we have just been discerned there’s another explosive device.

«It’s been really frightening and least confusing especially as no-one really knows what’s going on.»

Parsons Green explosionPA

Watches reported an explosion and a stampede in Parsons Green this morning

Mrs May’s Lodgings Secretary Amber Rudd said: «Once more people affluent about their everyday lives have been targeted in a thick-skinned and indiscriminate way.

«My thoughts are with all those injured and affected.

«The police and danger services were quickly on the scene and I would like to pay tribute again to their professionalism and steady commitment.

«I am receiving regular updates on what is an ongoing and active review.

«I would urge Londoners to remain alert and assist the police and pinch services as much as they can.»

Parsons Green explosionGETTY

Parsons Green explosion: A police policeman at the scene of the incident

Parsons Green explosionPA

Parsons Green explosion: Several people father been hurt in an explosion this morning

The Met Police have sanctioned they are treating the explosion as a terror attack. 

A spokesman said: «Dignitaries from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command are investigating after an incident on a London tube set this morning.

«Police were called at approximately 08:20hrs on Friday, 15 September to Parsons Inexpert Underground Station following reports of a fire on the train.

«Deputy Mix Commissioner Neil Basu, the senior national coordinator for CT policing, has decreed it a terrorist incident.

«Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service and British Exile Police attended the scene, along with colleagues from the London Be in abeyance Brigade and London Ambulance Service.

«At present we are aware of a number of child who have suffered injuries.

“It is too early to confirm the cause of the fire, which devise be subject to the investigation that is now underway by the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.

«The garrison remains cordoned off and we are advising people to avoid the area.

«Anyone who has word that would assist detectives is urged to contact the hotline 0800 789 321; if it’s an crisis always call 999.

«Anyone with images from the scene is asked to upload them to

«We push the public to remain calm but alert and if you have any concerns, see or hear anything suspected then contact police.»

The London Fire Brigade said “six flaming engines, two fire rescue unit and around 50 firefighters and professional officers” were sent to the scene. 

Parsons Green explosionEXPRESS

The explosion occurred at the south-west London tube install of Parsons Green

Transport for London said: “We are investigating an incident at Parsons Grassland. Customers travelling btn Wimbledon & Earl’s Court are advised to use alternative routes.”

Natasha Wills, of London Ambulance Servicing said: «We were called at 8.20am to reports of an incident at Parsons Inexpert underground station.

«We have sent multiple resources to the scene covering single responders in cars, ambulance crews, incident response officers and our tricky area response team, with the first of our medics arriving in out of sight five minutes.

«Our initial priority is to assess the level and nature of maltreatments. More information will follow when we have it.»

This is the fourth consternation attack Britain has suffered this year, following the Westminster, Manchester, London Go and Finsbury Park attack. 

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