Parsons Green terror: SAS trooper who ‘PREDICTED bombing’ urges MPs to listen to Trump


Phil Campion, a retired SAS trooper, has give prior noticed that Britain will not resolve the terror on its streets until MPs dispense with the estimated 3,000 potential attackers in the country.

The former military professional said that Britain can no longer ignore the problem of terrorism, engage in yesterday’s bombing at Parsons Green tube station.

Speaking on Sky Newsflash, he said that having armed police on the streets had to be more than lawful a PR move from Westminister. 

Mr Campion shocked his social media bodyguards by appearing to «predict» the Parsons Green terror attack three weeks ago.

At the end of August, he tweeted that there was an «looming terror attack on a train» and warned his followers to «keep vigilant». 

specialistSKY; GETTY

The past military specialist said that Britain cannot ignore the facer of terrorism any longer


Campion said said that having armed regulate on the streets had to be more than just a PR move

In response to the tube bomb, military personnel be experiencing been deployed to free up officers for patrols over the weekend appreciating the decision to raise the threat level to critical.

Earlier this morning, an 18-year-old man was delayed in Dover port in connection with the attack. 

Mr Campion urged MPs and pledge officials to break out of their formulaic reaction to terror attacks, which he summed up as «inveigh against, talk, carry on». 

He told Sky News: «We need to see more armed constabulary. We see it for 5 minutes and then it’s over. This problem is not going away. 

«It earmarks ofs we are doing the same things over and over again. This is asinine. This repeated stupidity going on and on and on.

«There are around 3,000 passive terrorists on the streets, and groups are calling for them to be lifted. We need to challenge up to terror.

«People are now a lot more worried and no-one is listening to them. All we do is ring up a COBRA meeting, issue meaningless statements and sweep it under the carpet.»


Campion jolted his social media followers by appearing to «predict» the Parsons Green awe attack


Military personnel have been deployed to open up officers for patrols over the weekend

We have got ourselves into this eye, of attack, talk, carry on — we have to do something!

Phil Campion

The recent SAS trooper said that Donald Trump was probably right when he claimed that Scotland Yard separated the suspect. 

He urged MPs to stop «running away»and listen to people liking for the US President.

Later in the interview he pointed out that there were some high-mindedness signs to come out of the attack.

He pointed out that the device was very rough, before describing it as a «proper poundshop effort».

Mr Campion added: «This means they can’t get the clothes they want. They are also scared, they are running away.»

Popular media users praised his intevention was someone «telling it like it is». 

Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Register Rowley said on Friday that extra officers would be on watch over and security would be reviewed at events across the country.

Robin Smith, police pal up with chief constable for the British Transport, urged the public to be “alert but not alarmed” and make public any suspicious behaviour.

He urged the public to remain vigilant, adding: «I reckon people know when things are suspicious. They should be awake but not alarmed.»

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