Parsons Green terror: Police arrest second man, 21, in connection with attack


Commissioners arrested a 21-year-old just before midnight last night in Hounslow, West London. 

Forensic public servants have also started investigating a property in West London. 

A assist house has been searched in relation to the Parsons Green terror set in Stanwell.

The Stanwell raid, confirmed by Surrey Police on Sunday has been constituent to an arrest made in Hounslow. 

Parsons Green terror attackEXPRESS

Parsons Green terror incursion: A second man has been arrested in connection

A Surrey Police spokesman contemplated: «We are now able to inform you on a number updates in relation to recent police operation in Stanwell and Sunbury following Friday’s terrorist incident.

«We can confirm that a search is fascinating place at a residential address in Stanwell, in connection with the arrest in Hounslow.»

The stop comes just hours after police detained an 18-year-old man in ally with the attack that left 29 people injured. 

The girl was detained under section 41 of the Terrorism Act and taken to a police caste in south London where he has remained in custody.

On Friday morning, commuters fled in fear after a homemade blow up partially detonated on a train at Parsons Green tube station.

Corroborates described a “fireball” and a “wall of flame” through the train. 

An 18-year-old man was captured in the departure area of Dover port earlier on Saturday in connection with the onset.


The police have carried out a raid in Stanwell

Police also skiffed an armed raid on a property in Sunbury-on-Thames, in Surrey, in the wake of the bombing.

Fuzz evacuated up to 60 homes as a precaution. 

One home the police raided is owned by an anile couple appointed MBEs for fostering hundreds of children. 

Penelope Jones, 71, and her 89-year-old still, Ronald, have reportedly housed 268 children at their competent in in Surrey.

Armed observe have been on duty across the UK following the bombing. 

London Mayor Sadiq Khan promised: “London will never be intimidated by terrorism.»

Robin Smith, British Moving rapture Police Assistant Chief Constable, urged the public to be «alert but not alarmed» and to on any suspicious behaviour.


The tube was coming into Parsons Gullible station when the homemade explosive detonated

He said: «Code grave is a well-rehearsed plan now, regrettably of course.

«What the public can expect to see is a lot more lawmen, a lot more police officers, a lot more armed officers, throughout the levels.

«Not only in London — although we are focusing on the London Underground — but also across England, Scotland and Wales.»

Britain’s scourge threat level has been raised to critical amid fears of numerous attacks.

There are fears the bomb planted on the tube on Friday could include killed dozens if it had detonated properly, being assembled out of a bucket, fairy faints, a Lidl bag and the explosive TATP, known as the Mother of Satan.


Armed policeGETTY

Armed guard have been on duty following the attack

Home Secretary Amber Rudd ordered it appeared the bomber was not a lone wolf but it «too early to reach any final conclusions on that».

On the Andrew Marr Appearance, she said: «»We don’t.

«It is inevitable that so-called Islamic State, or Daesh, discretion reach in and try and claim responsibility. We have no evidence to suggest that yet.»

Mrs Rudd said £24million of new management money was going to counter-terrorism operations across the country.

Asked if guard cuts had hit anti-terror operations, the Home Secretary said: «I think it is too brainless to approach it like that.

«What we have is an onslaught of attacks from Daesh irksome to radicalise people.»

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