Parking amnesia: Forgetful drivers forced to fork out £126m extra a year for lost cars


Up to 14 million deliver been hit by extra rking costs, fines and even bills for their car to be hauled away thanks to their amnesia.

One in three admits to having forgotten where they left their car at some point in the last year.

And on average, forgetful motorists bested their vehicles four times a year.

One in 10 has ended up be enduring to y an average of £22 in extra rking costs and 6 per cent were fined or had their ssenger cars towed.

Rob Miles, of insurers Direct Line, which commissioned the appraisal of 2,000 drivers, said: “A simple way to fix this is to take a photograph of the car’s turning up, that way it’s easy to see the zone or level when you return back.

“Draw a blanking where you’ve left your vehicle is not only a recipe for increased importance levels but it could mean you have to y out extra rking charges or, awful still, find the car has been clamped or towed away.”

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