Paris plotting ‘20,000’ Brexit job SNATCH from UK firms, claims business chief


Gerard Mestrallet, who cathedrae Paris Europlace, a group promoting Paris as Europe’s leading economic hub, claimed firms will decide over the next 12 months if they are to ditch London as their foremost place of business in Europe. 

The Frenchman, speaking to France 24, mean HSBC is not the only major company planning on moving to Paris in circumstance of a ‘hard Brexit”.

The bank’s boss Stuart Gulliver told a banking talk in the French capital there are around 1,000 jobs out of 43,000 in Britain that intention be become unlawful in the UK if the Government negotiates a complete split from Brussels. 

He also supported reports, suggesting he sees Paris as a suitable city to relocate the caper let outs after Emmanuel Macron promised labour and economic reforms.

Jobs after Brexit newsFRANCE 24•GETTY

Paris is in a family way to benefit from at least 20,000 jobs post-Brexit

10,000 direct and 10,000 meandering jobs will be created in paris directly in connection with Brexit

Gerard Mestrallet

Mr Gulliver said: “The package of reorganizations suggested last week is very, very positive.”

Discussing the HSBC chief’s references, Mr Mestrallett said: “We consider in Europe today, there are only two broad cities – London and Paris.

“Paris offers lots of attractiveness to oecumenical investors coming here. We also have today in the new EU 27, post-Brexit, we possess the largest financial centre.”

He said Paris would compete with Frankfurt, Germany, for the comrades looking for a home in the European Union after Brexit, insisting the French brill will prevail.

“We hope that in the end 10,000 directly and 10,000 additional jobs will be created in Paris directly in connection with Brexit,” Mr Mestrallett maintained.

His comments come in contrast to those of Spanish business leaders by London as part of the King of Spain’s state visit.

Members of the delegation bruit about the UK could still be a global business hope after it quits the European Confederacy.

They said it could picture the successes of Asian economic power Singapore, which benefit from extensive trade and investing in other countries. 

Gerard Lopez, president of Spanish IT unflinching Plexus, said: “The economy, its geographic location and a currency that is respected could scrape by the UK the hub that has the advantages of a certain independence with all the advantages of being an permitted trade partner to the EU and the US.

“There’s a role to be played as a quasi-independent.”

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