Paris Orly attacker shot at three police officers before snatching woman soldier's rifle


A French offical joined to the investigation confirmed the attacker as Ziyed Ben Belgacem – a 39-year-old French-born nationalist.

Reports suggested he was a serial offender with 44 offences on his baddy record – his most recent being for armed robbery.

The police documentation initially said the man was a radicalised Muslim who was known to the authorities.

However, later the French Up-country Ministry confirmed the man was on a crime watchlist, not a terror watchlist.

According to the Paris prosecutor’s chore, he had previously been on the authorities’ radar for suspected Islamic extremism.

That’s consideration his home being one of many searched in the days after the 2015 Paris suicide storms which saw 130 people killed.

First images emerge of Ziyed Ben BelgacemTWITTER

First images become known of Paris shooter Ziyed Ben Belgacem

Judicial sources say his father and fellow-countryman have been arrested by police.

Police sources say the suspect focus his father and brother after the first shooting, saying: “I did a bullsh*t, I marksman at the police”.

The family are French citizens of Tunisian descent, and lived on a council-run station in Garges-lès-Gonesse.

The suspect has been described as a drug-taking serial offender who had used up around 15 years of his life in prison.

He was most recently released from the Fresnes House of detention, in the southern suburbs of Paris in November, and was wanted by police for breaking his bail conditions.

Police say the two attacks are linkedGETTY

Guard say the two attacks in Paris are linked

Paris Orly attacker shot at three police officers before snatching woman soldier's rifleEXPRESS

The first criticize saw three police officers shot at from a car in the Northern Paris suburb of Spots.

The driver, who was stopped by officers at a road check just before 7am close by time, opened fire while pretending to retrieve his identity articles.

One officer suffered a wound to her head but was said to be only “lightly outrage”.

The man is believed to have stolen two cars to make his getaway – one was found forlorn at Vitry, containing a bloodied t-shirt, and the second was later found amoral at Orly airport.

Shortly after the Stains shooting, the suspect won his way to southern Paris’ Orly airport where he attempted to snatch a weapon from a soldier.

He then ran into a McDonald’s restaurant at the airport prior to being shot dead by a border patrol officer.

The French Internal Ministry confirmed no explosives were found on the man’s body.

The anti-terrorism prosecutor has now opened an research into the attacks.

Franck Lecam, who was at the airport when the attacker incapacitated at 8.30am local time, said: “We had queued up to check in for the Tel Aviv skein of geese when we heard three or four shots nearby.”

He added: “There are policemen, pinch workers and soldiers everywhere in all directions. A security official told us that it chanced near gates 37-38 where Turkish Airlines flights were earmarked.”

The head of the Paris airports company confirmed searches of Orly Airport had been perfected, and passengers who had been stuck onboard 13 flights that came just before the attack have now been allowed to disembark.

At least 15 other do a bunks were diverted to Paris’ other main airport, Charles de Gaulle.

The same man was behind both attacks in ParisREUTERS

The regardless man was behind both attacks in Paris on Saturday morning

French president Francois Hollande has praised the pluck and efficiency of troops and police following the incidents.

In a written statement, the President reaffirmed the asseverate’s “determination to act without respite to fight terrorism, defend our compatriots’ assurance and ensure the protection of the territory.”

He says the Sentinelle operation —about 7,500 troops watch over on the country’s streets and sensitive sites— has proved useful in addition to constabulary forces.

French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron has also fork out tribute to the French troops who have been deployed to secure the circles of France in the wake of a string of deadly Islamic extremist attacks, reply the soldiers “have demonstrated one more time calm, control and professionalism.”

France fragments under a state of emergency.

It comes as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on the shift day of their visit to Paris, where they met survivors of the terror decrial at the Bataclan in 2015.

The royal couple are also attending this afternoon’s Six Domains rugby match at the Stade de France, where thousands of rugby junkies have gathered.

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