Paris mosque in car attack demands it is reclassified as ‘attempted terrorist murder’


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A Paris mosque has documented a criminal complaint with the Paris prosecutor’s offic

On June 29 a 43-year-old man of Armenian dawning was arrested after he tried to drive a car into a crowd of Muslims in in the lead of a mosque in the southeastern Paris suburb of Creteil. 

The suspect, however, did not progress in reaching the crowd because of the security barriers that had been instituted in front of the mosque, and nobody was injured in the attack. 

The motive remains unclear, although a guard source close to the case told the French daily Le Parisien that he may demand been seeking to “avenge” attacks linked to the terrorist group Islamic Stage (ISIS) which have killed scores over the past years in France. 

Moncef Maiz, the vice president of the Creteil Union of Muslim Federations, is arguing that it is unfair that the attacker – a schizophrenic with a incapacity identity card – had been charged with “attempted murder on turfs of religion” instead of the graver charge of “attempted terrorist murder”. 


They requirement an attack on their doorstep to reconsider it crime as a hate crme

District worshippers, Mr Maiz continued, were the “victims” of a terrorist attack, adding that the set-to had been “incorrectly classified” by police. 

The suspect’s mental health can of worms should not influence the legal classification

Yassine Bouzrou

Yassine Bouzrou, the Creteil mosque’s member of the bar, told the AFP news agency: “The suspect clearly aimed to severely disturb public order by intimidating and terrorising Muslim worshippers.  

“The fact that the study is being carried out by a regular police department and not by the counter-terrorism unit of the Paris prosecutor’s part is a dangerous move because it means that the state does not credence in that the Muslims targeted in the attack are victims of terrorism. 


Mosques across France had been on a glory of high alert at the time of the attack

Mr Bouzrou added: “The suspect’s view health problems should not influence the legal classification of the act.”

Mosques across France had been on a country of high alert at the time of the attack after a man ploughed a van into a bunch of Muslims leaving a mosque in north London on June 19. 

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