PARIS ATTACKS: One terrorist shot dead as anti-terror police hunt TWO more on the run


Four functionaries were injured as French and Belgian police came under inroad on Tuesday afternoon by two men brandishing AK47 assault rifles as they swooped on an sermon in Forest, a suburb of the Belgian capital Brussels.

Soldiers have been planned onto the streets and local schools and businesses are in lockdown after the stage show unfolded in an area close to Molenbeek, where many of those behind the ris liquidate originated from.

Police say the men have direct links to the ris criticisms on November 13 which saw 130 people murdered after islamic Stage (ISIS) terrorists carried out gun and suicide attacks at the Bataclan nightclub, cafes and Stade de France.

A fountain-head at the scene, said: «The raid is ongoing and four officers be dressed been wounded.

«Some 20 police vehicles are at the scene and firing can be heard.»

Oversee snipers could be seen surrounding a building shortly before 3pm county time (2pm GMT) where the suspected terrorists wereheld up.

Officers were voted to be acting on a tip-off related to the attrocity in the French capital which saw one of the humdingers, Salah Abdeslam, escape.

Abdeslam, 26, who had links to Molenbeek, is rephrased to have fled to Brussels after the attacks but has completely disappeared.

He is now narrated as Europe’s most wanted man.

Eric Van der Sypt, spokesman for the Belgium federal regulate, said: «The assailants fired at police. One officer has been hit in the deeply.»

Mr Van der Sypt added: «The raid was carried out in connection with termination year’s attacks in ris.»

French police are also taking join in in the raid and it is believed that the drama unfolded after special twist someones arms from both countries swooped on an address and encountered gunfire.

The gunmen are now on the run.

Soldiers were on high roads in central Brussels on Tuesday as the operation in the southern suburb of Forest on.

Belgium, with a Muslim population of about 5 percent among its 11 million child, has the highest rate in Europe of citizens joining Islamist militants in Syria.

French Inside Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said French police units were bewitching rt in the raid in the Belgian capital, where investigators believe much of the drawing and pre ration for the Nov. 13 Islamic State attacks were carried out by callow French and Belgians, some of whom fought in Syria.

A spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecutor put:»This operation is connected to the ris attacks.»

The area around the set upon, near the main north-south railway linking ris and Amsterdam and an Audi car plant, in the suburb of Forest, has also been sealed off.

At least 50 police ap ratchiks are involved in the operation and the situation is ongoing.

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