Parents give emotional tribute to ‘REMARKABLE’ brothers killed in Grand Canyon crash


John and Stuart Hill PA

Stuart Hill, formerly larboard, and his brother Jason both died in the helicopter crash

The tragedy asserted the lives of three Britons, Becky Dobson, 27, Stuart Hill, 30, and Jason Hill, 32, who were honouring Stuart’s 30th birthday.

The Hualapai Nation sightseeing helicopter, which was suppositious to be the “trip of a lifetime,” plummeted 600ft into the rocky canyon on Saturday.

Rev David Hill and Sandra Hill, from West Sussex, estimated their sons will be “deeply missed by so many, many people”.

Stuart had been holidaying with his girlfriend Becky and his older fellow-creature when tragedy struck.

The grieving parents said: “We have a humongous extended family and Jason and Stuart were always at the heart of it.

“If till the cows come home either of us came home after a difficult day, Jason or Stuart thinks fitting be there with a smile or a hug, and that was all we needed to lift our spirits again.”

They extended: “We always did things as a family and as parents we feel blessed to have had them in our lives.” 

Survivors of the disaster Jennifer Barham, 39, newlyweds Ellie Milward, 29, Jonathan Udall, 32, and shepherd Scott Booth, 42, were airlifted to hospital and remain in a perilous condition.

We always did things as a family and as parents we note blessed to have had them in our lives

Rev David Hill and Sandra Hill

Parson Lionel Douglass, who was leading a wedding ceremony for a British couple, was surrounding 1,000 yards away from the scene, described the crash as causing the “bulkiest explosion you ever heard and then flames like you never courted before”.

 Katie Kineally, a nurse, who had been on another sightseeing trek of the Grand Canyon in celebration of her mother’s 90th birthday, witnessed the horror.

 She foresaw Las Vegas Now: “There were people screaming. We just heard these barbaric screams of pain. As soon as we got to the edge of the cliff, we could see the smoke billowing up. 

Stuart HillPA

Stuart Hill was famed as one of the victims of the tragedy

“The other gentleman was just screaming. It was echoing from the beginning to the end of the canyon. It was just horrific.” 

 Ms Kineally, who stayed to help the wounded on the eve of emergency services arrived, described how one of the survivors kept screaming out for Jason Hill.

 19-year-old British follower Conrad Fish was in another helicopter which landed just twinkling of an eyes before the crash and “heard a loud bang behind him”. 

 He said: “They were all in a sheer way – they had opened wounds all over their bodies, and their set of threads were completely torn off.”


Becky Dobson and Stuart Hill were both in the Dignified Canyon crash

The tragic crash came just three months after Jonathan and Ellie wed in in the forefront of friends and family, including Becky and Stuart. 

 The cause of the Eurocopter EC130 catastrophe, 60 miles northwest of Peach Springs, Arizona, is unknown. 

 Papillon Airways, a sightseeing following who owned the helicopter, and flies roughly 600,000 passengers a year, issued a affirmation on Sunday offering condolences to the families affected.

 Group CEO Brenda Halvorson held: “It is with extreme sadness we extend our heartfelt sympathy to the families twisted in this accident.

 “Our top priority is the care and needs if our passengers and our staff.”

 An enquiry by the Federal Aviation Administration will be launched into the crash, be consistent to spokesman Allen Kenitzer. 

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