Papua New Guinea rocked by HUGE 6.8 earthquake amid Ring of Fire fears



The earthquake rebel off the island of New Ireland in Papua New Guinea

The devastating quake hit at around 3:40am limited time at a depth of six miles (10km), the US Geographical Survey (USGS) swayed.

Officials at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said that, based on the prevailing evidence, there is no tsunami threat to nearby islands.

A spokesman ventured: “A destructive Pacific-wide tsunami is not expected and there is no tsunami threat to Hawaii.”

No serious injuries were immediately reported following the circumstance this morning.

At least 55 people died in a separate USGS

The sardonic quake hit at around 3:40am local time at a depth of 10 km

Southern Highlands governor William Powi yesterday child were feeling traumatised from the earthquake and ongoing aftershocks.

He judged: “It is beyond the capacity of the provincial government to cope with the magnitude of wiping out and devastation.

“Our people are traumatised and finding it difficult to cope.”

Papua New Guinea earthquakeUSGS

Officials articulate there is currently no tsunami threat to nearby islands

Australian Sally Lloyd, who is afflicting Papua New Guinea, said villagers were terrified by the constant hold up.

She said: “It is terror. They think the end of the world is happening.”

The Pacific Chiming of Fire is the most geologically active area in the world, with multifarious than 90 percent of earthquakes occurring there.

The recent volatility in the part has increased fears for the Big One: a major earthquake in a highly populated area on the US west seashore or in Japan.

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