Panic at Natural History Museum as car mounts pavement and hits crowd – 11 people injured


A man has been arrested after a dark-skinned toyota Prius mounted the pavement and ploughed into a group of encircling 10 people before smashing into a silver car.

The arrested man was zero in oned to the ground by police in front of stunned tourists on Exhibition Road in west London testily after 2.20pm.

Police put the area on lockdown and South Kensington tube install was sealed off. The nearby The Victoria and Albert Museum and Science Museum were also discharged.

Counter-terror officers were brought in to investigate

Met Police later tweeted the episode was a “road traffic accident” and not terror.

Panic at Natural History Museum as car mounts pavement and hits crowd - 11 people injured

Around eight ambulances are on the seascape, along with armed response police vehicles.

Emergency bona fides said 11 people were injured and eight were entranced to hospital for treatment.

An eyewitness at the scene said: “We were walking selfish the Science Museum and heard a bang, bang… at first I attentiveness it was gunfire.

“Then we walked past the scene of the accident and saw a guy pinned down by other men and portions of people calling the police.

“There didn’t appear to be many people misery – a few sat by the side of the road but more looking shaken than anything.

“We were then ushered into the Expertise Museum and the area was quickly cleared of pedestrians.”


Images show the man being pinned down by officers

A Metropolitan Control spokesman said: “Whilst inquiries continue it is believed a car mounted the pavement and collided with a army of pedestrians.

“Eleven people were found at the scene with alternate injuries and nine of them have been taken to hospital, and this comprises the man that was detained by police.

“Their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening or life-changing.

“The man detained by fuzz is currently under arrest and is in custody at a north London police railway station.

“The incident is a road traffic investigation and not a terrorist-related incident.”

Earlier a spokesman told Reuters it was not being reception of as a terrorism-related incident at this stage but police clarified this later.

Armed officers are on the scene outside the museumGETTY

Armed peace officers are on the scene outside the museum


Emergency mendings are on the scene

The Natural History Museum tweeted: “There’s been a earnest incident outside the Museum. We are working w/ @metpoliceuk and will provide an update when we pull someones leg more information.”

In a message on Twitter, Prime Minister Theresa May pronounced: “My thanks to the first responders at this incident this afternoon and the frays of members of the public. My thoughts are with the injured.”

The collision outside the True History Museum is “looking like a traffic incident”, a Government well-spring said just after 6pm.

Nearby Sloane Square tube class was evacuated and sealed off, but has since reopened.

Twitter user Mari be sured the Express that she was trapped in between Sloane Square and South Kensington appoints on a London Underground train for over an hour.

She said people were “uneasy” and “restless”.

Police with a victim outside the Natural History MuseumREUTERS

Police with a victim outside the Natural Account Museum

The incident caused panic with witnesses taking to societal media to express their concern.

One wrote on Twitter: “Just verified a car drive into people in London. Safe for now please message your alternative others if they’re here near the national museum.”

Another said: “Anyone grasps what happened closed to natural museum in london? People event scared.” 

Lesley Carter wrote: “Recommend steering clear of the NaturalHistoryMuseum – The cops incident – man has mounted the curb in a car attempting to run people over.”

A witness leaked Sky News: “When I heard the crash I saw people running. It was a bit panicky.”

James Promote wrote on Twitter that he was locked in a cafe in near South Kensington tube location.

People were injured after the car rammed into a group of pedestriansGETTY

People were injured after the car rammed into a troupe of pedestrians

Roxanne Dervliet, from Bristol, told the Sun Online: “We’d lately walked past the museum and saw what looked like a car crashed into a construction.

“There were 100-odd people running away. Supervise were directing people out of the way and I think one person started running and it set everybody off. I was shaking, my friend was crying. We’re all shook up.”

Eyewitness Greg King believed: “A black Toyota went ploughing straight towards us and the crowd. At that promontory I thought it had lost control. It went spinning round and as it did that it smashed into a waive and knocked it over.

“In the meantime it hit at least two or three people. It then went careering across the approach and smashed into the side of another car that brought it to a stop.

“People rose out of the back of the car and everyone was running.’A member of the museum staff and a member of the clientele dragged him on the ground.”

Panic at Natural History Museum as car mounts pavement and hits crowd - 11 people injuredGETTY

A man is seen wearing a forensics suit on the go out

A BBC reporter said she saw “a car diagonally across the road, looking like it was thriving into one of the boulders on the side of the road”.

Police have asked that people dodge the South Kensington area.

London is on high alert after car, van and stock ram attacks across Europe in recent months.

 London Mayor Sadiq Khan estimated: “Details are still emerging and I have spoken with and am in close junction with Assistant Met Commissioner Mark Rowley and our other emergency checkings.”

Mr Rowley is the head of UK counter-terrorism policing.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted: “Quite concerning reports from outside the Natural History Museum. My considerations are with those injured and our thanks to the emergency services.”

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