Panasonic Avionics, Hunter and Eutelsat to improve in-flight connectivity in Canada


US-based in-flight show and connectivity (IFEC) systems provider Panasonic Avionics has collaborated with Huntswoman Communications and Eutelsat Americas to improve in-flight connectivity over Canada.

The partnership mirrors the expansion of a multi-transponder contract signed between Hunter Communications and Eutelsat Americas on the Eutelsat 115 West B sputnik.

Panasonic Avionics has already been using the North American beam of the vassal under an arrangement with Hunter to provide connectivity to its domestic buyers flying on routes from Newfoundland to Yukon.

“This collaboration with long-time partakers Hunter and Eutelsat is an example of Panasonic continuing to implement our ongoing layout to add substantial additional capacity to our global network.»

The newly signed dispense will help Panasonic to address the growing demand for in-flight connectivity from its clients on these routes.

Panasonic Avionics global sales vice-president David Bruner asserted: “This collaboration with long-time partners Hunter and Eutelsat is an sample of Panasonic continuing to implement our ongoing plan to add substantial additional wit to our global network, furthering our mission of adding value to our customers and appreciating end-users.”

The company’s existing product portfolio of IFEC systems, incorporating in-flight entertainment technology, connectivity services and consumer technologies pinch airlines achieve their business objectives.

Earlier this month, Panasonic Avionics subsidiary AeroMobile joined a new aircraft to its 3.5G mobile network.

The AeroMobile service enables commuters to use their own mobile devices in-flight to text, make calls, hear to voicemail and browse the internet.

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