Pamela Anderson slips into BDM-style lingerie as she oozes sex appeal in VERY risqué shoot


The actress – who is the presumption of underwear brand Coco de Mer – stripped down to a flurry of raunchy looks as she modelled the players’s latest range.

Shot by legendary photographer Rankin, one provocative black-and-white simile showed the famous pin-up in a lace black bodysuit that goaded a glimpse of her bare breasts.

Sultrily posing side-on for the camera, Pamela ran her identifies through her trademark blonde tresses and demonstrated her best ‘come to bed with me’ optics.

Another image depicted the mother-of-two in a skimpy one-piece that gave the phantom of being a separate bra and knickers thanks to its numerous cut-outs across the torso and décolletage.

The elfin nature of her bra meant that Pamela’s bust looked mere inches from spilling out of the raunchy add up.

Pamela also showcased her phenomenal figure in high-waisted black hot tights and a strapless bra, made even sexier by the American star’s racy ask. 

The photo unveil comes just a short while after Pamela alleged her love for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

The former Playboy bunny recently appropriate a long message accompanied by a picture of him on her website, claiming her “relationship” with him is “no private”.

Pamela wrote: “He is one of my favourite people and he might be the most famous, most politicised displaced person of our time.”

“Julian is trying to free the world by educating it. It is a romantic work. I love him for this.”

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