Pakistan news: How SAFE is it for Brits to travel to this Asian nation?


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the sixth ton populous country in the world. 

Its population exceeds 200 million human being and some 270,000 Brits travel to Pakistan each year. 

But the domain has been thrown into the spotlight as a dramatic situation unfolds with a Pakistan Foreign Airlines (PIA) plane at London Stansted Airport. 

Fighter jets be subjected to escorted the passenger jet after it was diverted from its intended destination of London Heathrow. 

The sidetrack was initially suspected to be a bomb threat, but reports are now emerging that there was a disruptive commuter on board.

Terrorism is a high threat in Pakistan according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Part (FCO). 

In March last year there was a terrorist bombing at Gulshan Iqbal Preserve in Lahore, which was claimed by the nation’s umbrella terrorist organisation Tehrik-e Taleban Pakistan (TTP). 

Of the assort, the FCO warns: “Their attacks mostly involve using Improvised Precarious Devices (IEDs), including suicide attacks.

“Further attacks could be random including in places visited by foreigners. “Previous methods of attack possess included grenades, shootings, bombings and suicide bombs.”

The FCO advised Brits wayfaring through Pakistan to be vigilant and avoid crowds where possible. 

It symbolized: “Public places and public gatherings are often targeted, including courts and guidance buildings, hotels, airports, markets, shopping malls, restaurants, pedagogical institutions and religious shrines. 

“Take care if you’re planning to attend jest events or live music venues. You should avoid ‘western’ fast-food shops. CD/DVD shops and barber shops have previously been targeted.”

There is also a endanger of kidnapping in Pakistan, with British nationals being held in the close by for various financial or political reasons. 

The FCO said: “The British government notes that paying ransoms and releasing prisoners increases the risk of in addition hostage taking.”

While the FCO warns travellers to be vigilant, most British calls to Pakistan are trouble-free. 

If you’re heading there on a UK passport, you’ll need a visa to pierce the country. 

Journalists’ visas often have additional travel restrictions, but it’s most qualified to check the current advice at the time you’re travelling. 

Your passport has to be valid for a littlest of six months when you apply for your visa.

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