PageGroup remains strong candidate for investors despite fears of slow economy


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PageGroup remains a wiry candidate for investors seeking dividend income

PageGroup publishes its second-quarter interchange statement on Tuesday, after reporting strong gross profit spread of 9.1 per cent for the first three months.

The FTSE 250-listed public limited company operates in more than 36 countries and its share price is up 65 per cent one more time the past year. 

HSBC recently estimated that 2017 earnings on rise 24 per cent from £87million to £108million.

Morgan Stanley powered shareholders may also be rewarded with a special dividend when PageGroup let something be knows its half-yearly results in August, which could push the yield as principal as 5 or 6 per cent.


HSBC recently estimated that 2017 earnings when one pleases rise 24 per cent from £87million to £108million

Regardless how, Toby Reeks, equity analyst at Morgan Stanley, also cautioned that slowing US economic growth could hit the global recruitment sector, amongst signs that manufacturing and industrial performance may have peaked.

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Morgan Stanley judged shareholders may be rewarded when PageGroup publishes its results in August

Low-cost technology assigns smaller rivals to compete on equal terms, using automation to appeal down charges, Reeks added: “Near-term geopolitical and technology jeopardies could put fee rates and margins under pressure.”

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