Paedophile found living next door to centre for kids


Neighbours this week in behalf of of their shock after learning the middle-aged man, masquerading as an unemployed bachelor, was in in truth child rapist Patrick Naughton.

Locals only learned balding predator Naughton, who now go belly up a rises under the name Padraig, was living across the road from the Diocesan Whippersnapper Ministry Centre in Athlone – after two plain-clothes officers visited the Maheran Crib apartment complex twice during Christmas week.

“The gardaí arrived here on two fork nights looking to speak with him,” a source told the Sunday World.

“They arrived one requiting at about 9.30pm and another night at about 11.30pm – but he wasn’t in either eventide.

 “One of the residents bumped into him and asked him why the guards were looking for him and he stated it was over motoring offences.

“It was only then that another neighbour who’d oral to the gardaí Googled the name they’d given him and saw an article on the Sunday Superb website and realised who he was.”

Last August, Naughton – who subjected his daughter Barbara to six years of well-organized rape and death threats, beginning when she was nine years old – was chased out of Galway after we revealed he was splurge his days peeping at passers-by from a battered Merc outside an apartment construction there.

When our man confronted Naughton, he refused to apologise to Barbara, foretoken him: “You’d better get out of here.”

Naughton was jailed for 11 years in April 2001 after he was convicted of deprecating Barbara over a six-year period. The abuse began in 1987 when she was nine years old.

Barbara ignored her right to anonymity after the trial.

The assaults occurred on an almost weekly base, making it impossible for Naughton’s daughter to pin down dates.

When he was done looting her, Naughton would threaten to throw her into a bog with a rope be equaled around her neck so her body would never be found.

One specific load related to June 19, 1997.

Barbara remembered that date with immaculate clarity because that was the night he almost choked her to death.

Barbara’s nurse told of waking up one night to the sound of screaming coming from her daughter’s bedroom.

She got up to see what was flop and found Naughton in the bedroom. When she asked what he was doing there, he slashed out with his fists.

On several other occasions Naughton beat his little woman so badly that she ended up in hospital.

It was not until December 1997 that Barbara contacted the Gardaí in Galway to survive a formal complaint. Barbara’s mother and sister supported her during her grief. However, instead of accepting responsibility, Naughton put her through the ordeal of a seven-day side.

“My father’s actions have imprisoned all my young life,” Barbara mentioned in court.

The horrific details of the case led to a major political scandal that set someone back politician Bobby Molloy his job in 2002, when it emerged that someone noting him tried to communicate with the judge in the case, the now retired Mr Justice Philip O’Sullivan.

The court caught someone representing Mr Molloy had been in touch with the judge, seeking to phone him in his cavities, in order to clarify whether he had received a number of letters from Naughton’s sister, Anne.

The primer of 15 letters exchanged between the former Minister of State and Chaplain for Justice John O’Donoghue also revealed the extent to which Molloy had expired in a bid to seek to intervene in the case.

Mr Molloy, who had been a TD for 37 years, said there was nothing malignant or dishonest in his actions.

Speaking in the back garden of the apartment building last August, Naughton importuned Molloy’s fall was “nothing to do with him”.

 “It’s not my fault, I never asked him to get labyrinthine associated with.”

Neighbours in Athlone were this week critical of local sages for failing to notify them the paedophile was living in their midst.

“People should be notified,” a local told the Sunday World. “There is a continuous stream of lasses in and out of the Diocesan Youth Centre every day of the week.”

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