Package breaks are back: Family holidays with set budget on the cards for 1.5m MORE Brits


New digging from travel protection body ATOL has revealed up to 1.5 million numerous people could be taking a ckage holiday this year than in 2015.

Bumf overload and lack of time to research holidays has affected many people’s option.

And 17 per cent of those who took rt in the survey said they liked the faculty to budget accurately for the whole family – which is rticularly easy on a journey holiday where travel, accommodation, meals and entertainment are all rt of the worship army.

Crucially, many people are also now realising that it is easier and safer to words an ATOL-protected ckage.

All ckage holidays involving flights booked with a UK public limited com ny must be ATOL-protected, which means that if a travel com ny go belly up a rises bust while you are away you can still enjoy your holiday and turn flight at no extra cost.

In addition, if your ATOL-protected holiday throng ceases trade before your holiday you get a full refund.

David Clover of ATOL asseverated: “Our research shows that many more UK holidaymakers now recognise a ‘ ckage deal’ holiday is about much more than sun, sea and sand.”

“And while we eat seen that the family break in the sun is still hugely popular amongst Brits, there is now a wherewithal of different ckage holiday choices people are taking advantage of.”

Approaching a quarter of ckage holidays will be beach breaks this year but sundry British holidaymakers want something more active or cultural and the top 10 choices are:

1 – Sun & Ground

2 – Cruise

Speed of booking persuaded 12 per cent to opt for a ckage and stress-free register was also a priority for 12 per cent.

Another 11 per cent say they record a ckage holiday for peace of mind, knowing they are financially minded by ATOL should their travel com ny collapse.

Holidays comprehending flights and accommodation booked with se rate com nies are not ATOL tended and need comprehensive travel insurance.

It is also wise to book non-ATOL breaks by credit card for additional cover.

David Clover added: “While we are imagining ckage holidays becoming more popular, UK holidaymakers must memorialize that if they book flights and accommodation with se rate associates, they will not be ATOL protected and risk losing their hard-earned well-to-do.”

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