Owen Smith: 'Labour is in danger of splitting apart'


Pontypridd MP and possible Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith has said the rty is in risk of “splitting a rt”.

Mr Smith said he would do anything to serve the division but he and Unite union leader Len McClusky urged members to give Jeremy Corbyn multifarious time.

Mr Smith said he had been talking to Mr McCluskey and Mr Corbyn to “analyse what I can do” to heal rty rifts.

He added that he has been bolstered talks had been “productive”.

Mr Corbyn has faced a challenge to his authority as Exertion leader after he lost a no-confidence vote and many of his shadow committee members, including Mr Smith, resigned.

Mr Smith said he needed more opportunity to reach a resolution over this weekend.

“Over the last week, I sooner a be wearing been contacted by hundreds of Labour members and MPs deeply worried that the Peg away at rty is truly in danger of splitting a rt,” he said in statement.

“I apportionment those fears and call on everyone in our movement to do all we can to avert such a terrible outcome.

“I stand ready to do anything I can to save and serve the rty.

Mr Smith estimated he “spoke directly” Mr McCluskey of Unite and Mr Corbyn on Wednesday “to explore what I can do to try and renew the rifts that have opened up in our movement”.

He said: “On behalf of the traffics unions, Len has reassured me that the talks he has opened up between Jeremy and Tom Watson father been productive and has asked that they are given more for the nonce at once this weekend to see what further progress can be made towards a devotion.

“Jeremy has also reassured me that he is engaging in talks with an munificent mind.

“I believe that all of us whose priority is to restore unity in the Strain movement and give us a chance to defeat our only true enemy, the Tories, should slack these talks every chance to succeed.

“That is what I in view to do and I urge all my colleagues to do likewise.”

Mr Corbyn has resisted calls to step down after Wage-earners MPs voted by 172-40 that they had no confidence in him.

After the mass renunciation of most of Mr Corbyn’s frontbench team, Mr Smith and former shadow province secretary Angela Eagle were understood to be considering a formal to question to his position.

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