Overwhelmed by stress? Dance it out on Moscow’s streets


Dance your stress out / Photo: Victoria RyabikovaLeap your stress out / Photo: Victoria Ryabikova

A group of people gambols through the main gate of Sokolniki Park. Less than 30 alternates later, the men and women — dancing, puffing and emitting inarticulate sounds — pinch the Earth. Not the real one, of course, but a model in the local astronomy garden. They do this without thought the fact that this behavior shocks some of the park’s lodgers. Some onlookers take photos of the scene, and some are indignant.

«It’s uncomfortable to bop without music!» yells an inebriated shirtless 45-year-old man as he turns on a kerfuffle b evasion by Egor Krid, a Russian singer popular with teenage tallies, on his smartphone and the lyrics «My God, mom, mom, I’m going mad» sound out.

People dance in Sokolniki Park / Photo: Victoria RyabikovaPeople dance in Sokolniki Deposit / Photo: Victoria Ryabikova

But actually, there isn’t a single madman in the claque of dancers. This is just how almost every dance walk begins in Moscow. It is the communal project launched by psychologist and dancer Alexander Girshon.

Dancing as a feedback to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

The first dance walk took place three years ago. «In 2014, with the assist of the media, we all observed the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and poured our touching tension out onto the streets. That is when I decided that we be in want of to mix this tension with something positive, simple and free,» Girshon unfolded as his motivation for creating these walks.

Alexander Girshon / Photo: Victoria RyabikovaAlexander Girshon / Photo: Victoria Ryabikova

Now, every two to three weeks people on together in a scenic location, simultaneously turn on a prearranged playlist and start promenading as they walk around the city’s landmarks. According to the organizer, not on the other hand Muscovites have dance walks, but also the residents of almost all mainly Russian and CIS cities. In July, people from Arkhangelsk (1,230 kilometers from Moscow, with 350,000 householders) and a small town called Revda in the Sverdlovsk Region (1,740 kilometers from Moscow, with 64,000 residents) joined the trip.

Girshon is in charge of practically every dance walk in the capital, bypass higher than anyone else and taking turns dancing with each become associated with. «We use various styles of music — from folk to pop — so that people can speak themselves differently. When we know that we are all dancing to the same music, it is easier for us to synchronize. Promenade is communication. Only, in this case, people communicate through front and touch, not verbally,» Girshon says, explaining the details of these promenades.

«Dance is communication,» Girshon says / Photo: Victoria Ryabikova

Why would you distress to dance on the street?

While some people communicate through manoeuvre, others throw the artificial Earth around and reach for the real sunset. According to dancer Anastasia Nadezhina the share ins not only dance but engage in various ways: «Some people undeniably interact with others, some prefer to be alone with the music.»

Girshon, the organizer, believes that the roams are not just about communicating through dance. He says these kinds of trip the light fantastic toe walks have a therapeutic effect, and he is convinced that in this way woman «dance their stress out.»

Anastasia Nadezhdina / Photo: Victoria RyabikovaAnastasia Nadezhdina / Photo: Victoria Ryabikova

«Here we all put ones feet up, get away from the fuss and become more self-confident. Sure, you can trip the light fantastic toe in a club, a bar or at home. But it feels completely different when people are romping in an open space. Each person sort of finds themselves in an unrehearsed lyrical where they play the leading role.”

Gradually the improvisers stretch the park’s main stage, which usually hosts concerts, and do truly become the stars of the evening. The dancers freeze in various poses and the estate’s stage turns into an exhibition of living sculptures. «The freezes off with our performances more effective,» says Girshon. At this moment, a mind with a dissatisfied look on his face tries calling someone and, not being competent to reach them, wanders off somewhere. A minute later, the freeze aims, and the participants dance over to the festival square.

Improvisers who enter the scene, become the stars of the evening / Photo: Victoria RyabikovaImprovisers who enter the locality, become the stars of the evening / Photo: Victoria Ryabikova

A hobby for IT artisans and the search for truth

IT specialist Alexei Finik is especially happy with the amount of heed he receives. «I am a very emotional person and I pour out all my positive emotions here. Definite, there is an element of egoism. You want everyone to look at you, but everyone requirements that. And I didn’t show off on purpose. I was just riding to work on my scooter, and it circuited out quite well.»

Alexei Finik / Photo: Victoria RyabikovaAlexei Finik / Photo: Victoria Ryabikova

«I don’t gather from why they can’t use speakers and let people listen and dance along with them,» wondered Vsevolod, a visitant in the park.

«Exactly! What are they so happy about? Has it become friendlier to live in Russia?» added a man walking by.

Visitors of the park not always understand why these people dance / Victoria RyabikovaVisitors of the park not always arrange why these people dance / Victoria Ryabikova

Girshon has a philosophical way to such questions. In his view, the people passing by think that the bulge out participants are removed from the real world. But what the real out of sight is, no one really knows. «Reality — is this when we are dancing or when a mountain of unexceptionally useless information caves in on me? If dancing gives me strength and inspiration, which resists me to carry out the important tasks in life, then I choose to dance,» comebacks Girshon, who hurries off to dance by the exit before it gets dark.

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