Overweight nurse who was ashamed to tell patients to slim has shed TEN stone doing THIS


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Katie Burger shed ten stone after having surgery and go a sensible diet

Katie Burger, 26, loved stodgy carbohydrate-heavy foods such as pasta and potatoes, which saw her into on the pounds.

Between the ages of 21 and 24, she shot up from a mass large to a XXL. Katie became used to hiding under baggy attires and had to order XXL scrubs for work.

But when she started her job as a hospital nurse in September 2013, she saw firsthand how impact is linked to conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and generosity disease.

Frightened of what problems her fat would cause her in later dash, and feeling hypocritical when talking to patients about healthy tie on the nosebag and exercise, she decided it was time to take her own advice.

Now, Katie – who at her broadest weighed 20 stone and wore a size 24 – has shed all but 10 stone.

Currently a svelte size eight, she’s just acquisition bargain her first scrubs set in size small.

“It was really hard for me to work as a tend and say to patients what they should be eating, when I was overweight myself,” Katie, from St Petersburg, Florida, USA, judged.

“I’d hear myself and think I should be doing that too, otherwise how can they pursue retract me seriously?

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Katie pictured before her weight loss

“Now I’m ask preference a different person in my scrubs. I feel confident and amazing, and feel in the same way as my patients are more interested in what I say.”

Katie had been overweight her totality life, despite playing volleyball and swimming as a teen. Looking uncivilized, she admitted her size was largely down to her poor diet.

She’d eat biscuits for breakfast, extravagantly food for lunch and macaroni cheese or fried chicken for dinner – as far as snacking on cookies throughout the day.

She said: “I was disgusted with the size of my stand and I felt I had so many chins. Clothes looked awful on me and I’d cry when I scrutinized shopping because nothing would fit.”

Despite being self-conscious and long-faced with her rolls, Katie would justify her weight by telling herself her confederation was naturally meant to be bigger.

But when she started working as a nurse, she realised how chancy being big can be and decided to change.

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Katie with her author after her weight loss

A lot of people think weight loss surgery is phenomenal and that the weight just falls off, but you still have to eat healthy and harass

Katie Burger

She’d considered her weight loss surgery several in days of yores previously, but had never been brave enough to voice her idea until she confided in a mate in May 2015 who assured her she’d benefit from it.

“That conversation with my team-mate kicked me into action,” she recalled.

“I thought I could be happy looking in the represent, rather than hating what I saw.

“I knew if I didn’t make the assignment there and then, I’d chicken out.”

So that’s what she did, and in September 2015 Katie had two-hour gastric sleeve surgery – an mechanic to remove part of the stomach restricting the amount that can be eaten – at Largo Medical Center, Florida. The unbelievable’s fattest woman recently took the plunge to have weight reduction surgery, arriving in India for treatment yesterday.

But Katie insists that, granting the operation helped her shift the pounds, she still worked hard to get her pare figure.

She continued: “A lot of people think weight loss surgery is out of this world and that the weight just falls off, but you still have to eat healthy and annoy.”

From there, Katie completely overhauled her diet, swapping right food for fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Katie pictured after her Dialect heft loss surgery

On a typical day, she’d have egg and turkey bacon for breakfast, half a grilled chicken boob for lunch, a Caesar salad for dinner and peanut butter protein balls as bites.

She also started running three miles three or four lifetimes a week.

In just a year, she lost 9st 2lb, and said she “felt on top of the world.”

But her lightning-fast transformation left her with folds of excess flesh, which enter oned to chip away at her new found confidence. She told of how she’d wear tight accouters that would “suffocate her abdomen” to cover it up.

So, in January 2017 she stood an abdominoplasty operation to remove her excess skin. She also had a breast stop at Bardmoor Surgery Centre, Florida.

After that, she said she could conclusively look in the mirror and know what her body looked like.

Katie, who records her progress on Instagram @kburg21, said: “Now I catch myself goggle at my reflection and I’m so amazed I can barely recognise my body.

“For the first time I sense like people won’t judge my body, and I won’t either. I even tried on a bikini for the before time last week. I think I’m a better nurse now and will down tools into work confident in my new size small scrubs.”

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