Overlooking the sea: Russian stadium looks like it’s floating on water



From a bird’s eye understanding, the edge of Cape Cooper — where the stadium is built — looks take to a bright green dot that separates the waters of Amur Bay from the residential enclosure of Vladivostok. The stadium is basically surrounded by water on three sides.


Vladivostok’s Maritime Structure University, which owns the stadium, was at first reluctant to open its newly shaped gates to everyone.


According to university representatives, the conclusive touch-ups are currently being made: The stadium is getting its locker dwellings and shower units.


The fact it’s unfinished isn’t putting dab hand sportsmen off though — Vladivostok teams are already using the football buff for training.


The Maritime University, which started construction turn out c advance back in 2011, also has a yacht club nearby. For more than 50 years it’s been training sophomoric sailors.


The stadium is also used for festivals. The first – a kite-flying one – was fared in 2015.


People who live near the structure have an amazing aspect.


During the summer local kids will be able to demeanour safely near the stadium, as it’s surrounded by a three meter tall deflect.


And even during winter there will be a reason for village residents to look out of the window.


Maybe that’s why three new high-rise bars next to the stadium are dubbed “elite.” Prices for these apartments start from in the air 10 million rubles ($166,000) for a one-bedroom place.


Do you need any other reason to go and visit Vladivostok?

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