OUTRAGE: Holidaymaker’s renewed passport arrives with a STRANGER’S photo inside


Ben Spence pay out £82 to renew his UK passport ahead of a trip to Amsterdam but, when it appeared, it featured another man’s photo instead of his own.

Despite this error, the advice within the passport matched Ben’s – thus meaning the picture was simply faulty.

The 28-year-old had to take a day off work to sort out the mistake with not guarantee his passport resolution arrive in time for his holiday – although the error was no fault of Ben’s. 

The air conditioning fitter explained: “They put a completely different person’s picture in my passport. I couldn’t feel it.”

Ben, who resides in Blackheath, south east London, picked up his new passport from his provincial Post Office.

“I flicked through it, and it seemed all fine,” he added. “But my familiar who was with me looked over my shoulder said ‘wait that’s not you’.

“We had a bit of a snigger about it – but then realised the security issue involved.

“I’d also stayed four weeks for it and was worried I’d miss my trip to Amsterdam.”

Ben arranged an crisis appointment with the passport office in London.

He said: “I’m really hamstringed that the Home Office are the ones that made the mistake, and I’ve had to express a day off work to sort this out.

“All they could offer my was an apology.

“Now I keep to wait another ten to 15 days to get a new passport. My holiday is on the 24th (February) – they improve be quick about it!”

Ben went on to add: “I understand that mistakes happen, but at the end of the day, it’s me who wish get into trouble over it.

“It’s a good job I did notice it because if I went to the airport on my birthday with the opposite picture they could have arrested me.”

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