Outnumbered Christmas special: First-look picture reveals Brockman children all grown-up


There intention be a one-off 40 minute episode of the popular drama on Boxing Day, which wishes show the family on a «special mission» for Grandad.

All five of the main found search for members will be reprising their roles as Sue (played by Claire Skinner), Pete (Hugh Dennis), Jake (Tyger Drew-Honey), Ben (Daniel Roche) and Karen (Ramona Marquez).

It has been nearly three years since the hit BBC sitcom has been on TV and the last Christmas rticular was shown in 2012.

One previous festive edition of Outnumbered saw the Brockmans host a Christmas faction, with disastrous consequences.

Another episode saw the family try and fail to abscond London on Christmas Day, only to be thwarted by cows blocking the road to Heathrow.

The 2016 extra promises plenty of high drama and laughs as Sue and Pete manage their kid offspring.

The shows creator, Have I Got News For You Favourite Andy Hamilton, a while ago said of the special: «The first reaction [when it turns up at Christmas] leave probably be, ‘My God, the kids are huge now!’

«The second reaction will be the one the writers own been getting since the series started in 2007: ‘I reckon you have to have cameras in our house.’

«I remember writing a scene with Guy [Skipper Guy Jenkin] where Karen had been knocked down. The two rents start reminiscing involving the number of times they’ve managed to maim their children. Me and Guy pooled our experiences- I sinistral our eldest behind on an island, and put that it.»

The Outnumbered Christmas special force air on Boxing Day on BBC One.

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