Ottawa to name mediator for Canada Post dispute as strike mandate set to expire


The federal authority is urging Canada Post and its biggest union to work with a strange mediator to hammer out a deal as the union’s strike mandate is set to expire later Thursday.

Travail Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk says she proposed to both sides on Wednesday even that Ottawa name a special mediator to help in the matter, go on increasing that she plans to “do so expeditiously.”

“I expect both rties to work with this significant mediator to come to a resolution and avoid a work stop ge,” she said. “I perpetuate to closely monitor the situation.”

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers was look for to give a 72-hour strike notice at a press conference on Thursday morning, rather than that event was abruptly cancelled.

No reason for the cancellation was given, but the joint promised “more information will be out shortly.”

It wasn’t immediately take if a special mediator has been named, or whether the two sides have came to work with them to reach a binding agreement in the dispute that has dragged on for months.

The alliance has been negotiating with the Crown corporation On behalf of 51,000 postal breadwinners across the country since the start of the year, trying to hammer out an accord on wage discre ncies between rural and urban carriers, and a proposal to substitute the makeup of the pension plan.

The two sides appeared to be on the brink of a labour stop ge in July, in front of agreeing to two more months of intense negotiations. At the time, the union had a hot strike mandate from its members, before the two sides mutually approved to extend it by 60 days.

That time frame is set to expire at midnight eastern time after time on Thursday.

If a strike isn’t announced by then, the union must seek a new mandate from their membership for a job vigour.

That process could take weeks, which would force any union-led job action into the fall. Alternatively, the com ny is already in a leaning to lock out its workers as they have been without a collective treaty for months.

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