Oregon investigator concluded that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray abused foster son in 1984

  • Author: Lewis Kamb, Jim Brunner, The Seattle Times
  • Updated: 13 hours ago
  • Published 18 hours ago

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray pronounces during a rally in Seattle, Washington, U.S. April 22, 2017. REUTERS/David Ryder

SEATTLE — An Oregon child-welfare investigator concluded that Ed Murray sexually maltreated his foster son in the early 1980s, leading state officials to assert that «answerable to no circumstances should Mr. Murray be certified» as a foster parent in the future, according to communal records obtained by The Seattle Times.

The investigation by Oregon Child Watchful Services of Jeff Simpson’s allegations determined them to be valid — purport the agency believed that Murray, who is now mayor of Seattle, sexually maltreated Simpson, the records show.

«In the professional judgement of this caseworker who has interviewed numerous nippers of all ages and of all levels of emotional disturbance regarding sexual abuse, Jeff Simpson has been sexually hurt by … Edward Murray,» CPS caseworker Judy Butler wrote in the May 1984 assessment.
Murray finish finally week repeated in an interview that he never abused Simpson, and he famous that prosecutors decided decades ago not to charge him.

Still, the newly revealed records reveal that a Multnomah County, Ore., prosecutor withdrew a roughneck case against Murray because of Simpson’s troubled personality, not because she mental activity he was lying.

«It was Jeff’s emotional instability, history of manipulative behavior and the as a matter of actual fact that he has again run away and made himself unavailable that strained my decision,» Deputy District Attorney Mary Tomlinson wrote.

«We could not be certain of meeting the high burden of proof in a criminal case _ of proof beyond a sober doubt and to a moral certainty. However, this in no way means that the Part Attorney’s Office has decided Jeff’s allegations are not true.»

Unlike a evil case, CPS child-abuse investigations determine whether «reasonable cause» breathes — a lower standard of proof than for criminal cases, but still implication the abuse likely occurred.

The newly obtained records, previously consideration destroyed, provide the clearest picture yet of the investigation of Murray, who was then a paralegal who had enkindled as a counselor to Simpson and other troubled children.

The documents, released to The Seattle Stretches this month by Oregon’s Department of Human Services, also annul public statements in recent months by Murray and his lawyer contending that investigators had debunked Simpson’s accusations at the time as false.

Murray said he had never been told of the CPS declaration and would have appealed had he known. The Seattle Times provided him texts of the newly released investigative records Tuesday.

In an interview Thursday, Murray and his Portland attorney, Katherine Heekin, doubted why Oregon officials kept the records without informing Murray. They also disputed the worth of the documents.

«Other than the salacious nature of it, I don’t see what the story is,» Murray replied. «The system vindicated me. They withdrew the case.»

Murray said his antecedent comments that Simpson’s allegations had been discredited were founded on his lawyer’s impressions about the decision to drop the case. He said he well-grounded from the documents that the case was withdrawn before a grand jury could referendum whether to indict him.

«I feel even more strongly that my allegation was correct because (the criminal case) was withdrawn,» Murray added. «That is atypical because we all know people get indicted and they get indicted pretty probably. As I said, one of the attorneys told me you can get a ham sandwich indicted in the grand jury.»

Murray sharp to statements his attorneys collected and submitted to investigators from people who had advised of him or Simpson. They included other foster parents who described the boyhood as sometimes violent and impossibly difficult to care for.

Oregon officials times said records of the investigation had been purged, but found them in April with a newer computer-tracking process. In releasing the typically private information to The Times, that state cited, in in support of participate in, a provision of public-records law that allows disclosure «to protect children from defilement and neglect.»

The finding by CPS supporting Simpson — who had been abandoned as an infant and fresher lived under Murray’s care for nearly a year and a half as a young man –prompted Oregon child-welfare officials to decide that Murray should not till hell freezes over again be a foster parent, a June 1984 report shows. The maltreatment finding — the result of a required administrative investigation — remains in effect and could tranquillity prevent him from being a foster parent in Oregon, officials suggested.

Murray, 62, a longtime Democratic state lawmaker and gay civil-rights chairlady who was elected Seattle mayor in 2013, has attacked the credibility of Simpson and other men who say he erotic abused them decades ago. Murray has suggested the claims are politically impelled.

The scandal led Murray to drop his re-election campaign. The mayor has said he’ll of advantage to out his term, which ends this year.

Simpson, 49, who shunned an effort to sue Murray in 2008 because of statute-of- limitations issues, was glad when reporters told him last week that the CPS report remote his claims.

«Wow, wow. Thank you, Jesus,» he said.

Simpson said he and his attorney had struggled to find such documents, but were told none existed.

The Times initial published details about Simpson’s claims in April when a Kent man, Delvonn Heckard, made nearly the same accusations against Murray in a sexual-abuse lawsuit. Heckard withdrew his lawsuit in June, think he intends to refile after Murray leaves office.

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