OPTSAT-3000 and Venµs satellites installed on Vega rocket for upcoming launch


The OPTSAT-3000 and Venµs World observation satellites have been integrated into their payload comme cus and installed on a Vega rocket ahead of its launch from Kourou, French Guiana, original next month.

The satellites are currently being topped off the Vega discharge vehicle, which features three solid-propellant stages and a liquid bipropellant power stage.

Satellite installation will follow the final preparations and checkout of the take off, which was developed by Arianespace.

Marking the tenth mission for Vega since its candidate in 2012, the mission will see the rocket’s lower payload position lug the Vegetation and Environment on a New Micro Satellite (Venµs), an Earth observation and exploratory charge for the Israeli Space Agency (ISA) and France’s CNES space agency.

Watched to help the Israeli Ministry of Science & Technology, Venµs is the country’s in the beginning spacecraft created for environmental research purposes.

With a 264kg liftoff forgather, Venµs was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries’ Space Division, with Rafael state look after the propulsion system.

“Expected to help the Israeli Ministry of Science & Technology, Venµs is the wilderness’s first spacecraft created for environmental research purposes.”

CNES is in charge of the sycophant’s multispectral camera, its image programming and processing, as well as the distributing cause station.

Once launched, Venµs will study the evolution of the Sod’s vegetation during its scientific mission.

The satellite’s technological mission wish provide in-flight qualification of the Israeli Electrical Propulsion System, lowed on Hall-Effect thrusters.

The OPTSAT-3000 satellite is a part of Italian Office of Defence.

Developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) on the basis of agreements signed between the Italian and Israeli administrations, the satellite will help the national defence entities with high-resolution concepts from any part of the world.

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