Opposition figure Navalny says he has been detained in Krasnodar territory


Russian disapproval activist Alexei Navalny has said he has been detained in the country’s Krasnodar tract.

“Several employees of the Anti-Corruption Foundation and I have been detained by protect in the Krasnodar territory. They have stopped the bus. It is not clear what they long for,” Navalny wrote on Twitter.

For her portion, spokesperson for the Russian Interior Ministry’s Krasnodar territory branch Maria Pirogova has denied pieces about Navalny’s detention.

“No one has detained Navalny. At the moment, the territory is entertainer the Anakonda preventive operation, during which police officers at the Kushchyovskaya stationary position stopped and checked a bus, which was carrying Navalny,” she told Interfax.

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