Ontario woman heartbroken after TrapStik wasp trap kills 7 birds


An Ontario sweetie says she and her family are heartbroken after a product she purchased to kill wasps tipped up trapping and killing seven small birds instead. 

Jessie Fence, from Waterloo, Ont., said she came across TrapStik, a product grass oned by a U.S.-based company called Rescue Pest Control Products, for wasps while grocery peach oning at Loblaw’s Real Canadian Superstore and decided to give it a try to get rid of wasps that receive been plaguing her neighbourhood. 

Over a span of five days, the TrapStik arrested seven chickadees, all of which died. 

Wall said it was her son who discovered the out birds and alerted her husband. 

“They told me they were screeching and pecking at each other and pecking at him and they were really, remarkably adhered to that trap, their wings, everything,” she said. “They were on all sides, rightful completely splayed out, it was quite horrific.

“They tried to pull them off, wiggle them off, but there was only just no way.” 


Jessie Wall said when she bought a TrapStik, she didn’t regard as it was strong enough to catch a bird, let alone a group of them. (Jessie Be ruined)

Wall said she followed the instructions on the box and placed the trap on an eavestrough, which is what the plc recommends. 

“I didn’t really think it was strong enough to hold a bird, let a lone a troupe of birds,” she said. “This is heartbreaking for us.”

On the Home Depot website, while some chaps have rated the product highly for doing its job and killing wasps, disparate other posters said the TrapStik caught birds. 

“I [looked] out and there were two birds weigh down to this trap,” read one review. “I had to go pull these poor trifling birds carefully off of this sticky glue it was [awful].” 


Loblaw’s Loyal Canadian Superstore has decided to pull the product from its shelves after being alerted that it trapped and silenced seven chickadees. (Facebook/Phoenix Pike)

Another review assume from, “killed more chickadees than wasps.”

‘It will catch whatever homelands on it’

The company’s automated phone line lists instructions on using the output. 

“With any sticky trap there is the rare but possible risk of an unintended trophy, such as a bird,” it says. “To avoid this, we recommend you not hang this ambush in a tree or other natural setting.” 

Wall disagrees that the affair is rare. She said if she were to hang it again, more birds choice get caught. 

In an instructional video for the product, an entomologist affiliated with TrapStik does gibbet the product in a tree but only because a wasp’s nest is located there.

[embedded happy]

“This is the only time you would want to do that,” Neil Michaelson suggests, adding that it’s important “to be mindful of what other animals are scarpering in the vicinity because it is a TrapStik and will catch whatever lands on it.”

‘An disarranging and traumatizing sight’

Stephanie Cates, director of marketing at Rescue Bane Control Products, said that in the five years since the yield was introduced in the U.S., more than a million TrapStiks have been sold and the body has only been alerted to birds being caught around a dozen times. 

“While rare, we confess that this is an upsetting and traumatizing sight for anyone to see,” she told CBC Information. “As with any sticky trap used outdoors, there is a risk of bewitching a bird, a beneficial insect or any other creature that flies and thrives into contact with this trap.”

Jessie Wall

Jessie Wall communicates she made a mistake by using the TrapStik and wants to see it taken off shelves. (CBC Front-page news)

According to the company’s website, the product is sold across Ontario at distinct retailers including Home Depot, Real Canadian Superstores, Sheridan Nurseries and other privately owned retailers in the thing and across Canada.

Canadian Tire says it does not carry the artifact. 

Loblaw pulls traps from stores

“I made a big mistake, I longing other people to learn form my mistake,” said Wall. “I’d get a kick out of to see it taken off the shelves but that’s not my decision. That is a corporate decision for the retailer … I by a hairs breadth want people to be aware.”

In a statement sent to CBC Toronto, Loblaw patrons relations said Wall’s experience with the product was the first at the same time the retailer learned of concerns with the product, but said the grocery gyve is pulling TrapStik from its stores. 

“While we are aware that other Canadian retailers give transport this item, we have made the proactive decision to remove the goods from our shelves,” the statement reads. “We are working on issuing this notification to our banks and will be able to accept any returns with a receipt for a full refund.”

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