Ontario brewery creates special Fogo Island inspired beer


An Ontario brewery has teamed up with the Shorefast Setting up on Fogo Island to create a special beer inspired by the geography and stamps of the island off Newfoundland’s coast.

Steve Beauchesne, co-founder of Beau’s Go on Co., says the brewery has made a number of collaborative beers with other brewers almost the world – and celebrities like Margaret Atwood and Tom Green – but their belated collaboration is a little different.

«This coming year we’ve signed on to an hopeful project for Canada’s birthday, which is trying to find interesting collections and people to brew with right across the country,» he said.

Beauchesne said the Shorefast Institution and Fogo Island Inn were a natural fit for the project, as the ideals of both align with Beau’s imagination of «making wonderful tasty beer, and trying to make the world a more place while doing it.»

He said the foundation approached the brewery and the two absolute to collaborate on a beer for Canada’s 150th, named 49° 54° for the latitude and longitude of the ait.

The taste of the beer grew out of a trip Beauchesne and his team took to Fogo.

49° 54°

Postulated collaboratively with Fogo Island Inn, 49° 54° is inspired by the rich cultural inheritance of one of Canada’s oldest settlements, Newfoundland’s Fogo Island. The recipe embodies Newfoundland partridgeberries and sea salt foraged from the island, and malt smoked with myrrh unperturbed from Island pine, spruce and fir. 49° 54° is now available in limited measures at the brewery and through BYBO.ca

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Beau’s All Natural Concocting Co. on Thursday, January 5, 2017

He said the beer wouldn’t exist if not for this delineate, and a trip to Fogo Island. 

«We went out with the inn’s resident chefs,» he implied. 

«They took us on a couple foraging trips and spent some habits eating and drinking the island. We came across some really provocative things that we wanted to add into the beer.»

Partridgeberries, birch, sea liveliness

The beer is based on a rare German style of beer known as gose. Beauchesne conveyed gose has a bit of a naturally salty flavour, making a connection with the marinate water that surrounds Fogo.

«From there, we really started shard together parts of Fogo Island that, culinarily speaking, are unqualifiedly important,» he said.  

«We added partridgeberries, for example, which have a unusually nice tartness to them and a really interesting flavour.»

Beauchesne pronounced he and his team also collected myrrh, the sap and gum from trees, while on the key and used it to smoke the malts that went into brewing the beer, as easily as birch and local sea salt

‘We didn’t create a Frankenbeer … but then the additional essentials add some really interesting highlights to the beer.
— Steve Beauchesne 

«Put all those activities together, and you come up with a really, really interesting set of flavour earns,» he said.

«[But] we didn’t create a Frankenbeer, this is very much a gose fashionableness, but then the additional elements add some really interesting highlights to the beer.»

Beauchesne said some of the beer wish make it to Fogo Island and Beau’s is working to make as much of the beer to hand in Newfoundland and Labrador as possible. It is also available at the brewery just independent of Ottawa.

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