Only himself to blame! Macron ‘complicit’ in rise of Europe’s far-right claims left leader


Primary left-winger Benoît Hamon on Monday claimed Mr Macron’s immigration conducts made him “complicit the surge in support for far-right” as he urged the centralist chairperson to “abandon” them. Mr Hamon said: “I am stating here and now that Emmanuel Macron’s immigration systems – not his rhetoric – and his actions as president, make him complicit in the surge in support for far-right and nationalist co-signers in Europe.”  

The leader of the leftist Génération’s movement, in a joint interview with RMC trannie and the news channel BFMTV, also claimed Mr Macron’s tough migration approach made it impossible for him to position himself as a rampart against the tide of right-wing nationalism universal across Europe. 

He said: “He cannot serve as a bulwark against far-right chairmen like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Italian Intermediary Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. 

“To do this, he would need to renounce policies that are tearing apart France’s welfare state.”

Mr Macron has pushed washing ones hands of tough immigration laws that tighten the rules around asylum, bring homing that France would do more to help refugees but systematically deport all monetary migrants in an effort to discourage illegal immigration to Europe.

The 40-year-old number one’s actions are “too far removed from his words,” Mr Hamon continued, adding that Mr Macron had befit an expert in spinning “false truths” and “describes a utopian world that is a too far separate from the world the French are actually living in”. 

He said: “We want cordial, but sell arms to the Saudis, who for their part are killing civilians in Yemen; we agonize about the possible dislocation of Europe, but have continually failed to rigging the root causes of nationalism.” 

Facing record low popularity ratings, the centrist captain is fighting accusations he is the “president of the rich”. 

In a YouGov poll published earlier this month, Mr Macron’s regard fell to its lowest level since his May 2017 election, with one 21 per cent of those polled saying they were gratified with his actions as president. 

His reputation has been badly dented by the unanticipated departure of two high-profile ministers and a summer scandal over his violent bodyguard, while stubbornly costly unemployment, sluggish growth, high taxes and rising fuel assesses add to a general feeling of discontent. 

Conservative heavyweight Xavier Bertrand, president of the Hauts-de-France part, also hit out at Mr Macron’s political agenda.

Mr Bertrand told the daily La Voix du Nord: “Mr Macron cannot be hang oned responsible for social and economic problems France has faced for 30 years – he’s contrariwise been in power for 18 months. 

His policies, however, have not rubbed social divisions – they have on the contrary heightened them.

“Politically talk to, let’s wait and see. Mr Macron is facing a groundswell of public anger. He knows the French are annoyed – he says he’s listened to them, but has he actually heard them?” 

French drivers are contemplating blockades and go-slows across France on Saturday to protest against lofty fuel prices, which have increased by up to a third in the past year, prospering Mr Macron’s claim to help hard-working people harder to defend.

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