OneWeb Satellites starts construction of new manufacturing facility in US


The OneWeb Hangers-on joint venture (JV) between OneWeb and Airbus has started the construction of its new creation factory at Nasa’s Exploration Park campus in Florida, US, with an $85m investment.

To be evolved in collaboration with the state of Florida and Space Florida, the high-volume moon production facility is scheduled to begin operations later this year.

The plant will feature automation, test equipment and data acquisition abilities to reduce assembly times, as well as provide a means to analyse plant performance and process improvements.

Once completed, the facility is expected to manufacture around 250 direct, highly skilled manufacturing and engineering undertakings, in addition to various other jobs to support the production.

«We will be masterful to continuously iterate on the design of our satellites, launch new satellites within hours of realization and create significant opportunity in the US.”

OneWeb founder and executive chairman Greg Wyler suggested: “This facility is a pivotal step toward our mission to build a new universal knowledge infrastructure, accessible to everyone.

“Over the past year, and recognitions to the energising support of our partners, we’ve greatly accelerated our technical progress.

“With this expertness, we will be able to continuously iterate on the design of our satellites, launch new assistants within hours of completion and create significant opportunity in the US.”

The new factory choose also produce 900 communications satellites for OneWeb’s low-Earth cycle constellation, which will primarily be used by the company for its global internet services.

Using Airbus’ aircraft manufacturing technologies, the new OneWeb Satellites discretion be able to produce up to three satellites in a day.

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