‘One inch from CIVIL WAR’ Spanish officers ATTACK Catalan police amid explosive unrest


Spanish policemen have been filmed attacking Catalan police officers for approach a gather in the way of their heavy-handed crackdown of the independence vote.

In shocking scenes, fellows of the Catalan police force, the Mossos, confront the Spanish Civil Bashibazouk who are hitting voters with batons.

The Catalan law enforcers urged the Spanish enforce, who arrived in the region ahead of the vote, to calm down.

However, the Spanish gendarmes reacted by attacking the Catalan forces.

The tense scuffle between the two policemen forces shows how deeply divided Spain is over the referendum.


Spanish supervise have been filmed attacking Catalan police officers for prepare e dress in the way


Catalan police desperately trying to defend voters from the Spanish police

The Spanish leading government has deemed the referendum «illegal» and urged locals to put an end to the «farce». 

Anyhow, brutal footage of Spanish police officers stomping on voters and set fire to rubber bullets into unarmed crowds have gone viral.

Catalan activity be contingent of health said 465 people have been treated tread IG

Members of the Catalan police force, the Mossos, confront the Spanish Secular Guard


Catalan department of health said 465 people induce been treated

Following the filmed confrontation, the Civil Guard dispatched an astonishing attack on social media against Catalan’s local enforce force over their response to the referendum.

They captioned footage of the Mossos unmoving up to the Civil Guard: «Some seem to be unclear. Shameful.»

Another affix accused Mossos of ignoring the Spanish court order to halt the referendum, put forwarding to eat a sandwich instead.

One user on Twitter said: «Catalan police is now parrying voters from Spanish police. That’s one inch from a polite war.»

The Civil Guard has shut down 92 «illegal voting hearts» across Catalonia. 

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