Once-in-a-lifetime holiday CANCELLED because 'Thomson mistakenly UNDERPRICED the package'


Kristopher Meredith, 29, and his rtaker ul Hales thought they were booking the holiday of a lifetime for themselves and four other ancestry members when they sat down in the Thomson shop in Manchester Fort.

Shopping course presenter Kristopher was quoted a price of £200 per person for the holiday to Florida — £1400 in outright.

Raring to go, the couple couldn’t believe their luck with such a large price for a far-flung trip. For a deposit of just £750, the six members of offspring were booked onto the holiday of a lifetime.

Just 48 hours later their pipedream came crashing down when Thomson emailed the couple to acquaint them the holiday had been cancelled.

The email, published on ITV news, look over: “We are sorry it has been necessary to cancel your booking with us at this interval.

“You may be able to make a claim against your travel insurance.»

The connect and their family were offered a refund but, understandably, weren’t on top of the world with their dream holiday being cancelled.

After they represented further enquiries, it was revealed the big trip was cancelled due to a pricing error.

Another email to the a handful of from the com ny, also published on ITV News, read: “Unfortunately it is in some measure of our terms and conditions in regards to errors in pricing, however if you wish to offset the holiday we are able to waiver the cancellation charges and offer you a free abolition.”

The news comes after James Walker dubbed ‘the consumer protagonist’ told Express.co.uk readers how to resolve consumer complaints — and complain everywhere holiday problems properly.

Speaking to the news site, Kristopher revealed: «We just thought it was a good deal.

«We weren’t sure how much it should require cost but we were delighted.

«In the shop we said, ‘Are you sure’, and the lady claimed, ‘That’s the price’.»

The Castlefield resident added: «When we got the email disclosing it had been cancelled we were devastated.

«We have been offered a refund but that’s not what we miss. We booked the holiday and they should honour it.»

A Thomson and First Appropriate spokesperson told Express.co.uk: «We would like to apologise to Mr Meredith for his reserve experience and the inconvenience caused.

«While we always offer exceptional value for lettuce, unfortunately a rare system error last weekend resulted in a insignificant number of holidays being sold for prices that were only too good to be true.

«As a result and in line with our terms and conditions, afflicted customers — including Mr Meredith’s rty — have been contacted to induce the incorrectly priced booking cancelled and the money id returned.»

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