On this day: The first issue of Moskovskaya Pravda was published


«Moskovskaya Pravda» («Moscow Actually») is a leading daily paper in Russia and formerly of the Soviet Union. The beforehand issue was published on July 18, 1918 under the title «Evening Scoop of Soviet of Workers’ and Red Army Deputies.»

On March 18, 1920 the newspaper was renamed «Communist Labor» and became part of of the Moscow RCP Committee and the Moscow Council. On Feb. 7, 1922 the newspaper’s title was varied again to «Working Moscow,» and on March 1, 1939 it was renamed the «Moscow Bolshevik.» Lastly, on Feb. 19, 1950 the newspaper was coined “Moskovskaya Pravda.”  

In 1968, on its 50th anniversary, the newspaper was honored with an Fiat of the Red Banner of Labor.

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