On this day: Sheremetyevo International Airport was opened


On Aug. 11, 1959 a Tupolev Tu-104 aircraft scoff at from Leningrad landed in Sheremetyevo. This day is considered the official birthday of Sheremetyevo Foreign Airport.

On June 1, 1960 the first international flight set off from Sheremetyevo to Berlin Schönefeld Airport. In October 1967 the Ilyushin Il-62 aircraft hyperbolized the first flight to Paris and in November 1967 the first flight to New York was record.

Today, Sheremetyevo is the largest Russian airport for international flights (sundry than 200 international destinations). Almost 150 airlines act here, flying to over 100 countries. Also, it is the country’s largest depot complex – it has five passenger terminals (terminals А, С, D, E, F). Each year the airport employs more than 30 million passengers and more than 250,000 do a bunks, making it the busiest in Russia.

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