On this day: Paul McCartney recorded his ‘Snova v SSSR’ album


“Snova v SSSR” is the seventh unaccompanied album by Paul McCartney under his own name, exclusively created and discharged in the Soviet Union. The title is Russian for «Back in the U.S.S.R.» — the name of the famous 1968 Beatles number cheaply. The album is usually called the “Russian album.”

Paul McCartney distanced the album on July 20 to 21, 1987 and it was released in the Soviet Union on Oct. 31, 1988. It at bottom consists of covers. The first 50,000 copies contained 11 seek outs and sold out immediately. It was reissued a month later with two additional airs.

Tracks from the album include “Kansas City,” “Crackin’ Up,” and “Summertime.”

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