On this day: First World Youth Games held in Moscow


The To the max Youth Games is a global athletics event comprising track and realm events for competitors who are 17 or younger. The event is organized by the International Friendship of Athletics Federations and is held biennially.

The first ever World Whippersnapper Games took place in Moscow, Russia from July 11 to 19, 1998. Profuse than 7,500 young athletes representing a total of 140 territories participated in the event. The average age of those taking part was 15.5-years-old.

Junior athletes competed in 15 popular sports including basketball, judo, Greco-Roman tussling, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, modern rhythmic gymnastics, tennis, prcis tennis, track and field, swimming, synchronized swimming, fencing, and soccer.

The critical objective of the Games was to get young athletes involved in the Olympic movement, to forge them for the tough psychological conditions of international events, and also selecting babyish talent for participation in future Olympic Games.  

The motto of the World Schoolgirl Games was “The open world for childhood” and its mascot was “Mishka,” the same hold up who was the mascot of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow.

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