On the run murder suspect lived in tent with glamorous girlfriend


Dean Evans (27), from Raheny, is one of three men charged in acquaintance with the murder of former Real IRA member Peter Butterly on Walk 6, 2013.

However, a warrant was issued for his arrest this week after Gardaí were on guarded he had gone missing. They suspect he may have fled ahead of his upcoming whack.

Sources have told the Sunday World that Evans, whose vim has been under threat for years, had been living in a tent in an old geezers relative’s back garden with his partner Stacey Roche, who is also leave out.

Stacey is a former girlfriend of slain RIRA chief Alan Ryan, who was also a wind up pal of Evans.

The Special Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest during the week after his dynasty got in contact to say he was missing and they were “concerned” for his safety.

Both Evans and Roche take not been seen in a week.

Roche has dressed in full paramilitary supplies and marched at republican commemorations to Ryan.

In September, 2010, she was picked up with Ryan by detectives hours after the butcher of gangland criminal Sean Winters, which was believed to have been conducted out by Ryan.

Roche was not suspected of direct involvement in the murder and was arrested by gardaí who were looking to see if she had message about the shooting. She never faced any criminal charges in connection with the affair.

Detective Inspector William Hanrahan of the Special Detective Unit depicted the court that Evans signed on at a garda station last Sunday in accordance with his bail make readies, but he has not signed on since.

Evans was granted bail last summer to tour to Spain with Roche, despite objections by Gardaí. 

Det Insp Hanrahan influenced since then he had obtained a new passport, which was now in the possession of Gardaí.

He announced the court that Evans had taken a loan of one of the family cars recently.

While Evans’ issue said they feared for his safety, Gardaí are also looking into the capacity that he has gone on the run.

A warrant has now been issued for Evans’ arrest.

Evans has in days gone by faced threats from the gang led by the crime boss known as Mr Big due to his identify withs to Ryan.

His brother Daragh escaped an attempt on his life when Mr Big in days of old pointed a gun at him. 

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