‘On the brink of a renaissance’ Emmanuel Macron becomes France’s youngest ever president


The new president opened his course with talk of a new renaissance for the country, saying: “The world needs what the French own always taught. For decades France has doubted herself.”

But, he said, the over the moon marvellous, and Europe, need France more than ever.

“My mandate resolve give the French back the confidence to believe in themselves.” 

He said he wish convince the people that “the power of France is not declining – that we are on the lip of a great renaissance.”

Emmanuel Macron GETTY

Emmanuel Macron takes over as French President today

The newly fitted president went on to say he would restore France’s global standing.

He broke: “France is only strong if it’s prosperous. France is only a model for the in every way if it is exemplary.

“We will have given back to the French a taste for the coming – and pride in what they are.

“The whole world will pay attention to what France try to says – because we will, together, go beyond our fears and anxieties. 

“We will, together, be an lesson of a people that knows how to affirm their values, their principles – those of democracy and the republic.”

In closing, Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the leaders of the fifth republic who move along disintegrated before him – from de Gaulle to Sarkozy and Hollande.

“France has to rise to the cause,” he said – whether facing political, economic or social problems.

“France thinks fitting always seek to be on the side of liberty and human rights – always to raise peace over time.”

He said he would count on the people to “negotiation with deep change”.

“From this very evening I make be at work. Long live the republic and long live France.”

At hardly 39-years-old, Mr Macron is France’s youngest leader since Napoleon and the commencement to be born after 1958 – when France’s fifth republic was put in situation by President Charles de Gaulle.

His En Marche political movement was formed by a hairs breadth last year and as a new party, La Republique En Marche will be fielding nominees for almost all of France’s 577 seats in June’s parliamentary elections.

The apart from candidate won a resounding victory, beating off far-right candidate Marine Le Pen with an devastating 66 per cent majority.

Mr Macron, a former investment banker, had not ever contested an election before, but previously served as the country’s Economy Cabinet officer.

Reuters reports that the private meeting between Mr Macron and Mr Hollande in the lead of the exchange of power included the transfer of nuclear launch codes.      

France has far 300 nuclear warheads, according to the International Campaign to Abolish Atomic Weapons.

Emmanuel Macron at the Arc de TriompheGETTY

President Macron arrives to lay flowers at the memorial to the dark soldier

Security is tight across the capital, as hundreds of extra administer were deployed ahead of the ceremony at the Elysee Palace – the president’s sanctioned residence.

France has remained under a state of emergency since French newly elected President Emmanuel Macron poses with his wife Brigitte Trogneux at the Elysee presidential Palace

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French President Emmanuel Macron poses with his wife Brigitte Trogneux at the Elysee presidential Palazzo

Twenty-one cannon blasts boomed out across Paris in a formal salute for the new commandant.

Rather than rolling artillery through the streets, the cannons were at Les Invalides, current in to the army museum and the tomb of Napoleon.

President Macron then carted to an open-topped military vehicle to make his way along the Champs-Élysées towards the Arc de Triomphe, convoyed by mounted guards.

Commentators on the France 24 news channel articulate the choice of a distinct green military car was deliberate – showing solidarity with the native land’s armed forces.

He then walked the final stretch, waving to the clusters, before laying flowers at the memorial to the unknown soldier.

He also symbolically re-lit the “continual flame” of the monument, in his capacity as leader of the armed forces.


The new president look ats troops during flag ceremony in the Elysee Palace gardens

Cannons fired after inaugurationAFP

Cannons are aflame at the Esplanade of the Invalides Hotel in Paris

During the inauguration ceremony, Mr Macron put the minutes of investiture and received the insignia of the Legion of Honour – the highest garter in France.

As his successor gave his speech on the future of France, Mr Hollande sent a series of meditating tweets.

He tweeted: “I am bound to you as you are bound to me, by our common history.

“Without you, I will-power have never had the chance to rule France.”

He said leading France was a “deep responsibility” and – reflecting Macron’s speech – said the nation should be an sample to others.

The former President added that he was proud of his achievements – discourage a keep Greece in Europe, the climate change deal, and dealing with investigation times for France, adding: “I leave a country in a much better voice than I found it.

In recent months, Francois Hollande’s approval ratings hit a history low.

Francois Hollande leavesGETTY

Francois Hollande waves to the crowds as he ends his term as president

Mr Macron faces foremost challenges in his first days in office, as he looks to tackle the country’s great unemployment rates, especially among France’s youth, as well as low money-making growth.

He says his main aims are to boost investment and to set up a “new growth fashion” that increases social mobility and helps the environment.

His first week in department is expected to be a busy one, as he heads for Berlin on Monday to meet Chancellor