Olivia Palermo's Outfit Is Surprisingly Simple – Until You Spot Her Shoes


In damned shocking news, Olivia lermo stepped out to walk her dog, Mr. Butler, in swindled jeans, a plain gray tee, and a sweater. Yes, that is all. No double-twisted belt, will-o-the-wisp dress, or styling tricks here — just a straight-up cozy-cool kit out we’d wear to brunch. But a quick scan of her accessories will put you at ease. Olivia didn’t let down us; she offered up a quick tip in the form of her flats.

Olivia met her cropped denim with a wed of embroidered smoking slippers we’d deem perfect for the weekend. Plus, her rebounds are playful and make us think of Spring with their stel color blueprint and mismatched ttern. Read on to see why these shoes are the ones you simply be obliged add to your wardrobe this season, then shop for inspired conceive ofs.

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