Oculus Rift VR headset delayed in Canada


The Oculus Doctor virtual reality headset’s retail launch in Canada has been hold off in some stores — one day before its planned release.

The Rift was scheduled to hit assemble shelves Tuesday, but Best Buy’s site now says it’s due on Oct. 11, a delay of three weeks.

A A-one Buy representative confirmed the store is experiencing «unexpected delays» and that the retail restrain is «working hard with Oculus to expedite orders as quickly as feasible.»

Best Buy customers who pre-ordered the Rift will receive a $25 tip card because of the delay, Best Buy said.

A Microsoft Store agent in Toronto said Rift headsets also aren’t expected in their preserves on Tuesday, but online orders should ship normally.

Amazon Canada indexes the Rift as shipping Sept. 20. A representative for the online retailer alleged it does not expect any delays.

Oculus rollout sluggish

This isn’t the inception time Oculus has dealt with product delays. In May, Rift headsets enter oned showing up in some stores in the U.S., while customers who had already pre-ordered a headset were communicated they would have to wait months for their units to blow in.

The Rift sells for $849 with the game Lucky’s Tale embraced. A Windows PC is required for it to work.

The delay will place the Rift in banks only two days before the launch of the cheaper PlayStation VR headset, which ss on sell for $549, or in a bundle with a camera, two Move controllers and the tourney PlayStation VR Worlds for $699.

The pricier HTC Vive is currently available in Canada for $1,149.

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