Obsessed With This Creepy Wedding? Just Wait Until You See the Bride's Ghostly Gown


Laura gave her longtime alternative other and photographer, Nicholas Leitzinger, creative freedom when it came to discharge her eerie, vintage Fall wedding. «As a makeup artist and a fan of the antique and creepy, she allowed us to burgeon darker than we normally get a chance to shoot and play with a side of our creativity we’re almost always holding back,» said Nicholas. «Of course, that didn’t revenue away from the absolute magic of the day.»

Laura and Matt’s nuptials was adorned with sage purple and ivory flowers, and lace. «The whole venue was covered in rarely white pumpkins, candles, and antiques, transforming the already lovely Flour Grate into something out of a fairy tale for the dark and beautiful,» Nicholas suggested. The bride’s ghostly crochet gown only added to the rest of the blending’s ambiance with long, flowing fringes hanging all along the arms.

See the exquisite photos!

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