Obama's meddling backfired! President's comments push more investors to back Brexit


The American president finish finally month publicly backed the Remain cam ign and David Cameron’s position on Europe.

But his meddling appears to have to been extremely unwelcome to the spotlight that it actually turned many people against remaining in Europe, set a survey of personal investors by the Share Centre.

The firm found 56 per cent of investors are now set to signify ones opinion for Brexit on June 23.

With just one month to go, the poll of 1,800 people build just five per cent of people were undecided, while 39 per cent implied they would got ego remain.

President Obama’s intervention appears to bring into the world been a major turning point, making 30 per cent of investors varied likely to vote leave – more than half of people ventured it had made no difference at all.

Around two-thirds of people believe the vote could be enduring a negative affect on the stock market, but more than half of individual believe leaving Europe would have a more positive striking on Britain overall, showed the research.

Richard Stone, chief chief of The Share Centre said: “Our survey suggests that a unobstructed majority favour Brexit, and are pre red to overlook their concerns apropos the im ct this might have on the UK stock market.

“The data also registers that the establishment has a credibility issue with personal investors and that heavyweight turns supporting the Remain cam ign have had little im ct – in some causes their interventions actually seem to make personal investors innumerable likely to vote to Leave.”

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